Top 10 Free Photo Editing Software for PC

July 31, 2023 2.6K views

High-quality content posting can lead our business to something rewarding. So, having quick access to any photo editing software and free drawing software is also necessary for the field of business. Content posting revolves around written posts, blogs, articles, videos, images, and graphic content- it requires decent photo editing and drawing software that is easy to use and efficient.

There are hundreds of free drawing software for windows 10, Mac, and Linux that you can find and download online where you can draw, edit the image, and create graphic content for your business. However, the real challenge is finding the most suitable software for you and your team. But lucky for you, we can filter the best ones from the thousands of choices. Let’s have a look!

1. WPS Office Software

WPS Office is a powerful office suite software tool integrated with Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and Spreadsheet. The free version of WPS Office has the basic functions of an office suite that is perfect for any office and personal use while the subscription version contains the advanced tools and features perfect for both amateurs and professionals. You may know WPS Office Software as a simple all-in-one office suite suitable for desktops and smartphones, WPS Office can do something more than that.

How to use WPS Office Software

WPS Office Software has a special feature that allows you to edit images and other graphic content on your desires. To access this feature, you can use WPS PowerPoint and WPS Word documents to use the free tools in the software to freely edit your photos and create high-quality graphic designs.

Some of these features include:

· Draw Tab Feature

· Shapes

· Colors

· Tables

· Icons

· Transitions

Benefits of WPS software

· Free to use

· Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux

· User friendly

· Accessible

Disadvantages of WPS software

· The free version lacks some functions

· Poor Stability

2. Canva

Canva is one of the most well-known graphic design and online photo editing software perfect for amateurs and experts. It is a complete design tool for a quick and competent way of editing photos and creating pleasing graphic content. Can also add a special feature where users can now post graphic content to your social media account based on your given schedule which is suited for business owners, online entrepreneurs, or social marketing.

Features of Canva

At first sight, Canva may be confusing to use for new users and looks like it doesn’t have anything to offer but Canva has a lot of potentials when it comes to photo editing. It has tons of features that support both photo editing and template building. Some of these features are:

· Photo effects (effects, filters, adjustment, crop, flip)

· Drag-and-drop feature

· Text and Library of Fonts

· Thousands of icons, shapes, stickers, and even GIFs

· Animation

· Free available photos, videos, and Templates

Benefits of using Canva

· Free to use

· Available for desktops and mobile phones.

· Thousands of elements available to use

· Supports collaboration with other users

· Easy to use and accessible

Disadvantages of Canva

· Does not support creating own elements

· Requires a bigger screen for an effective use

· Not the best choice for photo manipulation

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the most popular photo editing and best free drawing software that you can find online. It provides a streamlined layout and a minimalistic array of tools that is beginner friendly yet also provides a next-level experience of image editing by providing advanced tools approved and used by professionals.

Features of Pixlr

Pixlr supports multiple functions such as layers and mask features as well as customizable brushes and visual effects which are essential in any photo editing and drawing software. It also has similar tools to Photoshop that experience editors find useful but amateurs may find it confusing especially with the lack of guidance.

For additional information, here are some of the features Pixlr provides:

· Color replaces

· Object transforms

· Image and skin retouching

· Design templates

· Picture collage maker

· Filters and effects

· Instant background remover

Benefits of Pixlr

· Available for free

· Quick access

· Editor level options

· Available on mobile and desktop

· Supports multiple tasks

Disadvantages of Pixlr

· Lacks some advanced features

· Unnecessary heavy ads banners

· Renders slowly


GIMP has been the best free drawing software for different artists alike. Has multiple functions to aid in every situation like painting, and editing. With its open-source system, you can add multiple functions by adding a code or a 3rd party plugin. GIMP is free and available for everyone.

Features of GIMP

GIMP is for a variety of use and it offers different functions with the help of its open-source system. Because of this, GIMP easily puts itself as one of the best free drawing software. Below are the features you can find in GIMP

Personalized GUI

GIMP has a dock system in each interface which can be arranged and organized to your liking. You can easily manipulate where each function will be and this help to make your workstation personalized and increase workflow

Additional functions and tools

GIMP's uniqueness comes from its being an open-source system which means other than it is built-in function and tools, you can add your own by downloading a 3rd party plugin or adding source codes to its file.

Benefits of using GIMP

· Free to use

· Works in any operating system

· Versatile for any works

Disadvantage of using GIMP

· Not available on Mobile devices

· Issue of bugs and crashes

5. Photoscape

Photoscape is a good choice for photo editing with its variety of functions and easy-to-use interface. Photoscape is also a free drawing software like clip studio paint with its tool and paint for editing and enhancing. Photoscape offers an image viewer, a batch editing function, and multiple filters and effects to make your photo lively.

Features of Photoscape

Photoscape is a simple photo editor and free drawing software to enhance your photo and create graphic arts. Photoscape offers a wide range of functions to meet every editing need. Below are the features of Photoscape

Can edit or make an animated gif

Photoscape can manipulate and create a gif in the program. The software offers a way to make your gif and edit gif by adding multiple photos together and animating them into a gif.

Numerous Editor

Photoscape is filled with necessary tools and functions for every situation in editing a photo. It contains the usual brightness and color adjustment, and its complex ones like a paintbrush, and drawing pictures. This helps artists to edit easily because of its variety of functions

Benefits of using Photoscape

· Free for any users

· Variety of tools

· Compatible with RAW image

Disadvantages of using Photoscape

· Limited and difficult layers

· Only on windows and mac

6. is one of the best photo editing and free drawing software for windows 10 that offers multiple functions for every field of work. has a supportive community that aims in improving and enhancing the user experience by making better. With its intuitive and innovative interface, it is perfect for any user, new or professional!

Features pf is a free drawing and photo editing software that has tools and brushes like other drawing software that can make your photos and drawings better. has multiple features to meet your editing needs in any situation and below are examples.

Friendly interface has one of the easiest interfaces for users. Its main feature is the tabbed document interface. This makes the software easy to navigate and track different tools and brushes offered in

Multiple layers

Being a free drawing software and photo editor, having multiple layers is rare but offers layers that can make editing images better and easier.'s multiple layers set it apart from other free drawing software which makes an easy pick for an artist.

Benefits of using

· Supportive community

· Easy for new users

· Unlimited History

Disadvantages of using

· For Windows only

· Limited Filters

7. Befunky

Befunky is a free drawing software that is made for photo editing and graphic designing. This drawing software is perfect for both beginners and professionals for its simplistic look yet powerful functions with a multitude of tools and brushes perfect for every need. Befunky is a versatile software and most of all it is free!

Features of Befunky

A perfect blend of photo editing and drawing software, Befunky offers all the tools needed to complete the task whether it’s for photo editing or making your digital art. Befunky has many features to meet every situation and task for artists alike!

Batch processing

There is no better way to be productive than having a tool wherein you can edit the photos all in one tab and that is batch processing. This helps people to easily edit a vast number of photos in a minute which then increases productivity!

Photo Editing Tools

Befunky has everything that you need in editing your photos to top quality. It has both the basic and advanced tools to aid every user, from beginner to professional level.

Benefits of using Befunky

· No ads or watermarks

· Online and downloadable

· Accessible on mobile devices

Disadvantages of using Befunky

· Frequent crashes

· Random delay and slowness

8. Photos Pos Pro

Want an easy and free photo editing software that is complete with every tool and source you need? Then Photos Pos Pro is a way to go with its different tools in every situation with an option to draw and create art.

Photos Pos Pro has multiple tools and effects to easily enhance and edit photos. It is also made for beginners and professionals so the interface can easily be navigated and learned.

For additional information, here are some of the features of Photos Pos Pro provides:

· Advance photo effects

· Stunning Text effect

· Frame and Collages

· RAW file support

Benefits of Photos Pos Pro

· Changeable interface for beginners and professionals

· Free and downloadable

· Basic to advance options

Disadvantages of Photos Pos Pro

· Multiple bugs and glitch

· Big learning curve

9. Movavi Picverse

Movavi Picverse is a simple-to-use AI-based photo editor tool that can turn your photo into something spectacular in just a short period. You don’t have to worry about the bad lighting, red eye, out-of-focus images, and even unwanted people or objects in your photos anymore! With Movavi Picverse we can now remove or change any flaws in our photos in a few simple steps.

Features of Movavi Picverse

The features of Movavi Picverse allow the users to take image editing to the next level even without much experience. With Movavi, you can rescue old photos, create beautiful collages, retouch photos, remove unwanted objects, and many more!

Key features

· AI Auto Enhance

· AI Restoration of old photos

· Retouch

· Change Background

· Quick Remove background feature

· Remove objects precisely

Benefits of using Movavi Picverse

· Easy to Use

· AI-Powered

· Automatic photo organization

Disadvantages of using Movavi Picverse

· Only have basic effects

· Erase tool lacks functionality

· Can crash easily

10. Adobe Photoshop Express

We all know the one and only Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard of any photo editing software. It has a wide variety of tools and in-depth options perfect for any challenges, but let us be honest- it is kind of pricey. Fortunately, Adobe Express is available all the time!

Features of Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free editing tool that offers almost every feature you need in photo editing. These features are:

· Rotate and flip function

· Adjust exposure

· Remove background

· Touch up

· Resize

· Art effects

Benefits of Adobe Photoshop Express

· Versatile and easy to use

· Free to use forever

· Wide range of tools and features

Disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop Express

· Lacks some features

· Requires payment to access advanced features


Free drawing software and photo editing tools can be a lot of help when it comes to making creative graphic design, photo enhancement, graphic content, and photo editing. There are hundreds, even thousands, of drawing software programs you can find on the internet that are free to use and competent because of their multiple built-in features and unique tools. But, for us, we find WPS Office Software the best option for photo editing. It has a very flexible role even as an office suite that would be very helpful for both beginners and experts. For a better experience using WPS Office, get the premium version and access all the advanced features you did not know you need.

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