Uncover Ways to Learn How to Save A Photo as A PDF

July 31, 2023 927 views

When I read materials or watch videos, I will take screenshots and save them when I see helpful information. However, when you want to check them later, you must find them individually, which is very time-consuming. We need a more efficient method. That is to convert an image to pdf format and put a similar idea in a PDF file. This way, we can manage our photographs efficiently. The article has organised three methods to save a photo as PDF format for free to share with you. You can choose by yourself.

1- How to Save A Photo as A PDF in the File App

  • Firstly, Open the Photos app, choose the file you want to save a photo as a pdf, and hit the Share icon.

  • Select Save to Files.

  • (if you want)rename the image, choose your preferred folder, and click Save.

  • Locate the image file you just saved by opening the file app. Click and hold the image file and choose to Create PDF on the context menu.

  • A PDF file will be created by iOS with the same name as the original image file.

The original image and the newly created PDF file will have similar thumbnails, but you can verify which of the lookalikes is a PDF document. Click and hold on to the file and select Get Info. You will see the file format on the info page.Look how easy it is to

2-  How to Save A Photo as A PDF on Android

Android has a built-in PDF generator that can convert images in different formats to PDF files. Following these steps, you can save a photo as a PDF on your Android device.

  • First, Open the picture in the Google Files app or your device's default image viewing app.

  • Tap the Share icon and select Print.

  • Look at the image menu if you don't find a "Print" option in the Share menu.

  • Tap the bottom corner of the image viewer or the menu icon at the top.

  • Pop the Select a printer drop-down icon and choose Save as PDF.

  • Tap the PDF or Save icon to proceed.

  • Name the PDF file and tap Save.

3-  How to Save A Photo as A PDF with WPS

WPS OFFICE is one of the best and most popular office software, including PDF tools, word, excel, and ppt. Using the tools in the WPS OFFICE in the following method, you can convert a photo to a Pdf.

  • First, open the software and enter the PDF editor's user interface.

  • Tap the image to the pdf button in the toolbar of the PDF editor.

  • Then, upload the pictures that you want to convert to PDF into the edit box and confirm whether the order of the photos is correct.

  • If you want to adjust something, drag the images to sort and format the converted PDF file.

  • By following the above two steps, we confirm that the default save path of the software is correct.

  • To ensure that all settings are correct, we click to start the conversion.

  • Wait a few seconds, and the photo will convert to a PDF file.

Using Tips for WPS Office Users:

The best thing is the WPS free image-to-PDF converter that allows you to save a photo as a pdf. It supports all image formats and can combine many photos onto a single PDF page. Add all the images that need to be converted and click the convert button. The result will be a single PDF file containing all of the photographs.

WPS PDF Converter assists you in converting images into high-quality PDF files by providing high-quality JPG image to PDF conversion to save a photo to Pdf and flexible output settings. By using the WPS PDF converter, you can create one at a time photographs or in batches. Also, Page size and orientation are all easily adjustable.

FAQs about WPS Office

1- Why is WPS Office the best tool to save a photo as a PDF?

Answer 1 - WPS is the best and most demanding tool to save a photo as a PDF.Because of its unique features and free availability, it is easy to convert photos to PDFs.Plus point about WPS Office is that it can also convert various file formats to PDFs.

2- Is WPS Office free to install?

Answer 2 - Yes, WPS is free to download. Download WPS Office to take advantage of its unique features to save a photo as PDF.

Now that you have learnt about how to save a photo as a pdf using multiple tools, it's your time to decide which tool is the best one for you. In my opinion, WPS has an extended list of features to provide its users with. So, if you are really looking for the answer to the question How To Save A Photo As A PDF?“ I think WPS would be the best answer. So, download WPS Office now, and get your hands on a 7 days free trial without giving your payment details!

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