Top 6 Best Free PDF Editing Software in 2024

July 31, 2023 1.2K views

Are you looking for genuine free PDF editing software that allows you to edit texts, change photos, add graphics, sign your name, fill out forms, and more in addition to editing and adding text? You're in the right spot. We have summed up the top best PDF editing software that’ll help you to compile a list of just what you need.

You may have used free PDF editing software in the past while managing, viewing, and editing PDF documents, either online or offline. To assist you with the tasks of modifying documents, completing forms, adding electronic signatures, and other similar tasks, we advise that you locate some free PDF editor software online and offline.

You can upload your PDF to the website, make the desired adjustments, and then download it back to your PC using some of these online editors that operate in your web browser. That's a simple method, but keep in mind that a web-based editor often has fewer features than its desktop counterpart and that the file is accessible via the internet (which might be of concern if it contains sensitive content).

WPS PDF Editor

WPS PDF editor is one of the best and easiest-to-use PDF editing software out there, which is a perfect fit for reading PDFs, taking notes, underlining particular sections, searching, processing, and altering PDFs, if you like to read and modify PDFs on your mobile device. You can use it from the WPS Office app in addition to the standalone version available on the Play Store. Except for a few features, downloading and using this program is free. It does not overwork your smartphone because of its smaller software size.

Features of WPS

Under the Edit tab, you'll find every tool you could need to edit PDF files. Are you curious about it? Let's look at it now.

  • Edit PDF content using the editor to make fluid changes.

  • To crop a page, use the PDF editor

  • Split pages in PDF with the editor

  • To create a header and footer, use the PDF editor.

  • Set the background using the PDF Editor.

  • To add a link, use the PDF Editor.

  • To add a bookmark, use the PDF editor.

  • Reading and Watching

  • Editing PDF tables, objects, and text

  • Labelling the Documents

  • PDF annotation.

  • PDF Compressor

Advantages of Using WPS PDF Editor

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, job holder, or student. WPS PDF is the most friendly tool to use and keeps everything in line just as you want. Do you know about the WPS Office? An office software package called WPS Office includes a writer, a spreadsheet presentation, and a PDF Editor.

WPS PDF is the best option for editing PDF documents because it regularly updates and offers practically all of the most cutting-edge capabilities to its users. PDFs can be read, edited, converted, and compressed with WPS PDF.

Let me now outline the advantages that WPS Office's features have over those of Microsoft Office.

Page number settings

It might be difficult to determine how many pages to provide the students, especially with graduation season rapidly approaching. The advantages of utilizing WPS Office are listed below. We are all aware of the typical way of establishing the paper page number in Microsoft Office, however, it is not only ineffective but also challenging to alter the page number to another format. However, there is a quick and easy way to modify the page number format in WPS Office.

How to Use It?

  • Click the Add page numbers button after making two clicks in the footer. a drop-down menu.

  • We may easily adjust the page number format in this region.

  • Apply the page number position to the entire document after choosing it. the current part on the current page.

  • This makes it possible to set the page number for one page or multiple pages at once, based on the various requirements of the page number format.

Using this PDF program, you may view, edit, read, or collaborate with PDF files online. With the help of the free download pdf editor, you can easily get to functions like commenting, filling out forms, signing contracts, and printing documents. WPS PDF is compatible with several formats in addition to Adobe PDF.

PDF Element - PDF Editing Software

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is an easy-to-use and all-in-one PDF Solution]. PDFelement is an exceptional PDF editor for Windows that tops the list. The great news is that this fantastic PDF editor offers a free trial that includes straightforward PDF editing options. The commercial edition provides good value for money because it is inexpensive in comparison to other PDF editors.

Features of PDFelement

  • It enables you to add and remove things like messages, photos, watermarks, backgrounds, forms, and more.

  • You can test it out for free, and it works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.

  • It has the Document Cloud service, which enables you to access your cloud documents from any device.

  • You can use it to edit, convert, annotate, sign, protect, compress, and do other things with PDF files.

Advantages of PDFelement PDF Editor

The editor that offers the most value for money is PDFelement because it can perform tasks that Adobe can. Before deciding to purchase it, users can test it out. Its straightforward design offers both beginners and experts a user-friendly interface. Your documents help to safeguard it. With the use of OCR technology, you may extract and alter PDF files after scanning.

It has a ton of amazing capabilities, including the ability to fill out PDF forms and add signatures as well as annotate, modify, and convert PDFs to other formats. You can edit PDF files completely with the help of this top Windows PDF editor. You can use it to edit PDF text, add and delete images from PDF files, extract images from PDF files, modify and remove watermarks and backgrounds, and more. More importantly, it gives you access to Wondershare Document Cloud's enormous cloud storage space (up to 100GB). Download this easy PDF editor right away.


  • When used as a free PDF editor with the trial edition, it provides few functions.

How to Use It?

  • Open a PDF file that needs editing by downloading PDFelement to your device and selecting Edit.

  • Text that can be edited is automatically detected by PDFelement in the document. Go to the text you want to update and make your changes there. or use the Add Content button to enter new text.

  • Delete, rotate, resize, or replace an image by selecting it with the right-click menu in a PDF document. Additional images can be added.

  • You can edit links, watermarks, headers & footers, add page numbers, and more. You can even add clickable hyperlinks to PDF documents.

Acrobat Pro DC PDF Editing Software

The Adobe Acrobat PDF editor is without a doubt the industry standard for PDF editing and is largely regarded as the best PDF editing software for Windows 10. Despite this, it is thought to be pricey. It is crucial to remember that PDF editing is used by both people and small enterprises, thus the cost is quite important. However, Adobe is still a fantastic PDF editor with world-class capabilities that, among other things, assist users in converting, editing, and annotating.


  • Acrobat is a solution with a wealth of features.

  • Every tool required for producing, editing, merging, splitting, printing, and converting PDF files to other formats is included in both the Standard and Pro editions of the software.

  • A basic set of editing tools is available, including those for adding notes and comments, altering text already present in the document, and inserting images, page numbers, or headers.

  • They also offer facilities for rapid sharing and support e-signing.

  • The majority of the more complex programs that compete with Adobe Acrobat typically include these functions as well.

Advantages of Using Acrobat DC PDF

  • Among the greatest PDF editors with excellent features.

  • It has a good user interface and is simple to use.

  • OCR software can be used to alter scanned PDFs.


  • Compared to other options, it costs more to use a PDF editor.

  • Due to the price, it might not be appropriate for individuals and small businesses.

How to Use It?

  • Acrobat should now be open.

  • In the right pane, select the "Edit PDF" tool.

  • Using Acrobat's editing features Using options from the Format list, you can add new text, alter existing text, or update typefaces. Using options from the Objects list, you can add, change, move, or resize photos on the page.

  • Save the PDF you edited: Select "Save" and give your file a name. I'm done now.

PDFescape PDF Editing Software

Given an online connection, PDFescape is a straightforward and user-friendly web-based PDF editor that is compatible with all major operating systems and browsers.

You have a wide range of common tools at your disposal, such as a form designer, reader, and annotation features. You can also add text and photos, resize and rotate them, and white out outdated content.

Similar to other PDF editors, PDFescape enables you to upload a PDF file from a URL, or local storage on your computer, or even create a PDF from scratch and download it to your PC.


  • Document Management

  • Application Security

  • Document Conversion

  • Electronic Signature

  • PDF File Management

Advantages of Using Acrobat DC PDF

  • "I like this software the most because it performs the same tasks as more expensive software with more payment options to use," says one user.

  • "The software loads quickly on your computer and does not add other software (spyware, malware) to your computer as some other software companies add to track."

  • A great alternative to the dominant rival.


  • There aren't many typefaces, and it can be challenging to click in the right spot to alter the text.

  • I object to having to make a payment for the premium feature.

How to Use It?

  • To enter Edit Mode, click Edit in the top left corner.

  • Anywhere in an empty section of the paper, double-click. A blue box will soon emerge. Every text box is blue.

  • You can also use the Edit Module's Type Text option.

Small PDF

With the help of Smallpdf, a practical cloud-based PDF editor, you may upload a PDF from your computer or cloud storage, edit it, and then download or save the modified PDF for free to your PC.

You may rapidly edit your document by changing the background or line colours, adding text and images, importing shapes, and adding a signature. After you're through modifying the PDF, you can save it to your computer or Dropbox account. If you want to share the document with others, you can also create a link that they can use to download the file.

Additionally, Smallpdf offers choices to convert PDFs to other formats and combine PDF files into a single file, as well as a PDF splitter tool that enables you to pull pages from your document.


  • Building PDFs from nothing

  • Combining PDFs

  • Dividing PDFs

  • Creating Word, PowerPoint, and Excel spreadsheets from PDFs

  • Text editing and resizing

  • Editing and picture resizing

  • E-signatures being added

  • Needing electronic signatures

Advantages of Using Small PDF

  • Encrypting Files

  • combining files for those without the necessary software

  • Simple conversion of file formats

  • Using passwords to protect files if you don't have the necessary software


  • The user is somewhat unaware of where the start-over button is located once a function has been finished.

How to Use It?

  • Pick a tool from our homepage.

  • Drag a file into the toolbox in a specific colour.

  • The majority of tools ought to begin processing the file straight away.

  • Additional optimization settings might be available for some tools.

  • Save the converted document to your hard disk.

MS Word PDF Editing Software

You can edit PDFs in Microsoft Word 2013, 2016, or 2019 without needing to learn a new tool or download a separate PDF editor. Simply open the PDF, let Word turn it into a Word document, make the necessary changes, and then save it again as a PDF.

If you need to quickly modify some text or make some minor alterations, Word is a great solution because it is so straightforward. The formatting occasionally deviates from the original PDF, though.


  • Text editing and resizing

  • Pictures editing and resizing

  • E-signatures being added

  • Needing electronic signatures


  • Encrypting Files

  • Unlimited features including editing and resizing.


  • Expensive

FAQs on PDF Editing Software

How to edit a PDF for free?

You can upload or drop your PDF document into the PDF Editor. Mark up tab allows you to add text, images, and annotations. A pro feature is the ability to edit existing text from the Edit tab. Pages can be rearranged, extracted, and split on the Organize tab. Your edited PDF can be downloaded or exported in Word, Excel, JPG, or PPT

Can I edit the text in a PDF?

Editing existing text using the WPS PDF EditING Software is simple. Go to the Edit tab after uploading your document. To edit a text, simply click on it and make your changes. To use this feature, you might have to join up for a free 7-day trial, which you can cancel at any time.

Our Final Verdict on PDF Editing Software

These are the top best and highly recommended pdf editing software for androids and windows. WPS PDF editing software is our top pick. Since they provide a comprehensive solution, including viewing, annotating, editing, converting, protecting, organizing, printing, and sharing PDFs, you won't need to worry about jumping between tools to complete different jobs.

Download yours now!

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