How to Open PDF in Word Using Different Tools

July 31, 2023 1.2K views

It is common in any business to use PDF file format to share PDF files because it is challenging to edit a PDF file. However, if you want to edit or make amendments to the document easily and quickly, it is better to convert PDF into word. Read the full article to discover how to open PDF files in Word for editing efficiently. You will know the best tools for changing PDF files into Word at the end.

Tools used for opening PDF in word format:

How to Open PDF in Word Using Adobe Acrobat:

The easy way to open PDF in word format is to use Adobe Acrobat tool online. Then you can do your editorial work effectively. These are the steps to follow:

  • In the adobe acrobat tool, open a word document.

  • Click on the Open option at the left of the toolbar.

  • Browse and select the PDF file.

  • And then click on the Open.

  • If you are opening it for the first time, a dialogue box will appear to ask for permission to open the file. Click on the OK option.

  • Once you have done with the changes to the document, tap on save to save the edited version of your file in the word format.

However, it works better for text files because sometimes images and tables change their position even, or they are unable to edit, and you need to import new graphics.

How to Open PDF in Word Using Microsoft 365

Microsoft 356 allows you to completely match the layout of a PDF file and try to make an exact copy of the PDF file in word format when you want to open a pdf in Word. There are the following steps to learn how to open a pdf in Word.

  • Open Microsoft word and go to the File option.

  • Then select the Open button.

  • Browse the PDF file and select the file to open.

  • A dialogue box will appear, which tells you that it will convert your PDF file into word for editing, but it will appear differently than a PDF file.

  • Click on the OK to allow it to continue.

Although, it is also unable to fully import other things except for text, such as images, footnotes, bookmarks, frames, comments, tags, graphics, tables, Etc. For example, it displays charts or other graphics as an image, does not recognize footnotes, and shows up as general text.

How to Open PDF in Word Using WPS Office

The most incredible tool on the list to learn How To Open PDF In Word is WPS Office. WPS premium feature is the most convenient tool for you to make text and images editable at the same time. Let us discover its procedure of optimization when you open a pdf in Word proficiently.

  • Go to the Home tab, and click on the PDF to Word option from PDF to Office menu.

  • Alternatively, you can go to the Tools option and select the PDF to Word option.

  • A dialogue box will pop up; choose the PDF file you want to convert.

  • It also allows selecting page range from the Page range area option.

  • Also, you can choose the most matched language of the content from the Language option for the perfection of conversion.

  • You can add more files by clicking on Add Files.

  • From Timeout Setting, you can set a time limit for conversion. If time finishes, the WPS office will stop conversion immediately.

  • Go to the Auto Open option, and WPS will automatically open the converted file.

Using Tips for WPS Office to Open PDF in Word

The above details show that WPS Office is the most professional tool for opening PDF files into word. It provides you with multiple options for editing, from splitting and merging to converting files most accurately. PDF is a frequently used format among people in business and students, and they need to make changes once or twice to the PDF document daily. Without any doubt, download WPS Office right now. It is the best tool available on today’s date.

FAQs about WPS Office

What makes WPS unique?

It is an all-in-one office suite that offers word, presentation templates, spreadsheets, and PDF editors under one roof. As far as its functionality is concerned, it works better and is more cost-effective than Microsoft office.

Can WPS Office convert PDF to word?

With WPS Office, you can convert PDFs to words in a few steps. Also, it allows batch conversions. Now you can convert multiple PDFs within seconds.

Thanks to WPS Premium from wherever you belong because it will make your work effortless and expertly convert PDF into word. Please do not wait, and without any doubt, download it right now and enjoy a 7 days free trial. It is the best tool available on today’s date.

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