How to Download and Use Scrivener on Linux - A Comprehensive Guide

September 21, 2023 1.4K views

Scrivener is known as a desktop and mobile writing application to meet your personal and professional writing needs. This application offers a diverse platform to write content. However, people with Linux don’t know how to run Scrivener on Linux.

If you are facing the same trouble, this article will explain your simple and effective methods for Scrivener Linux running and downloading.

Part 1: What is Scrivener for Linux?

Scrivener is a writing app that is designed for all kinds of writers, whether they are students or best-selling novelists. Its maker describes it as:

“This app will not guide you how to write –it will simply provide you with every aid to start writing and keep writing.”

Scrivener is a word-processing program that is designed for authors to create, organize, and save notes or documents. Scrivener for Linux is a popular writing software that is designed to run on Linux. But it is unsupported by Literature & Latte.

However, you can install the latest Scrivener via Wine or virtual machine for your specific needs.

Part 2: Is Scrivener for Linux Available?

A good time ago, a scrivener developer used to build the beta Linux build, but it is long abandoned. Getting the version to run on a new kernel can be a difficult experience for many of the users. The beta of Scrivener 2 offers no features that users have been used to from Scrivener 3.

Scrivener Linux is available on Wine for running. Wine allows users to run Windows executables on Linux. It is a useful tool, but unfortunately, it can be complex to configure for many users.

Part 3: How to Download and Use Scrivener on Linux

There are multiple ways to download and run Scrivener on Linux. However, it can be complex to figure out by the users. To make the Scrivener Linux running experience easy and effective, here is a process that you can consider:

Running Scrivener on Linux

1. Enter Bottles

Bottles has the aim of making running Windows software easy on Linux. It offers a well-tested and mature configuration for running the software on your desktop. You can install Bottles in many ways. Many users recommend using the Flatpak distribution on Flathub. This helps in automating the setup for Linux machines.

To run the Bottles, you will find multiple ways depending on how you installed it. If you have installed it from Flatpak, you can start Bottles using the CLI, which is mentioned below:

To make it run, once you give the command, Bottles will provide a simple UI for creating a Bottle. Here is a step-by-step guide that you can use for Scrivener Linux running.

Step 1. Open the Bottles you have installed.

Step 2. Now you can click the + icon that is in the top left of windows.

Step 3. You can choose a name for Bottles, such as Scrivener, and select “software” as your environment. Now, you can click on “create.”

Step 4. Here, you will have to wait for a few minutes to let Bottles download and install the necessary dependencies for the environment.

As you have created your Bottles, the first thing you can do is to “install” Scrivener in your emulated Windows file system to start running the application.

Step 1. Go to Scrivener and download the latest Windows build. You can consider a 64-bit build of 3.1.1.

Step 2. Right after the bottle finishes the configuring, you will get a screen with multiple options. You can click on “Run Executable” and navigate to the window installer that you just downloaded.

Step 3. It will take a few seconds, and the window installer will navigate the location of the installed Scrivener Linux in a Windows file system. The location can vary by the Linux distribution.

Step 4. After waiting for a few seconds, the Scrivener will start to function properly.

This method is more convenient for accessing files for me. The bottled version of Scrivener Linux is fully functional and shows no error even for the week.

How to Run Scrivener on Linux

To run Scrivener Linux, the first thing that you will have to do is to install Wine. If you are already running the Ubuntu 22.04, the version is old. You can consider updating the version to Wine 7 to run Scrivener smoothly.

If you are not finding it easy to download Wine 7, you can consider going to the WineHQ page and following the steps for Ubuntu 22.04.

Next, you can consider installing Winetricks from the software store, which makes it easy to download or install the optional parts of a window.

Step 1. Configure wine by setting the architecture correctly. Ensure that you add a double dash and not the em-dash, which is often converted.

Step 2. Install an appropriate version of dotnet and core Windows font if you haven’t installed them earlier. Go to the terminal and type. Here, you will have to add two dashes before “force.”

Step 3. Now, you can finally run the Scrivener installer. Download it and click to run it.

Here, you will find the font burry or too tiny items on the menu like I do. But you don’t have to worry as this can be completely fixable.

Here you can learn how:

Step 1. Open Scrivener, go to the file menu and choose options. Here, you can go to the appearance tab and click on the general interface. I have chosen the Ubuntu light.

Step 2. To change the size of the Binder, go to the Binder and select the font tab. Here, I have chosen the Ubuntu Light again for best results.

Step 3. Now, you will find the interface in a decent look. I like Optima as an editing tab.

Using this method was simple to understand and easy to follow. Here, everything works in the Scrivener. But I cannot import the webpages to notes as it can freeze the Scrivener.

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Installing Scrivener 3 on Linux

Step 1. Install Wine

To make Scrivener work on Linux, you can get help from the Wine. You will need to install Wine, Winetricks, and Winbind. Installing them will help you in achieving the commands.

Step 2. Provisioning Wine

When the Wine is installed, all you have to do is add the window components that are required to install and run Scrivener Linux.

Step 3. Install Scrivener

Install the latest version of Scrivener, and once the installation is completed, you can create a desktop shortcut. Now click on the start menu to run Scrivener Linux. In case you get the warning not to run it on Windows 7, you can close the Scrivener Linux.

Open wine configuration. Go to the application tab and select Windows 10.

Step 4. Command Summary

Here is a summary of commands that will help you to run the Scrivener Linux effectively.

Part 4: A Free Alternative Choice for Linux - WPS Office

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1. Is Scrivener still the best writing software?

They lack both an Android and a Linux app because of the abandonment. There is also no availability of any collaboration features to write home about. Despite these flaws, Scrivener Linux is still an excellent writing app for the vast majority of writers.

2. Is Scrivener's license lifetime?

Unlike other writing software, there is no monthly payment or yearly license for Scrivener Linus. Scrivener is a one-time purchase for all the writers, so they can use it as long as they like and need it for the work.

3. How long does a Scrivener license last?

A Scrivener Linux license lasts forever for whatever version you purchase. You can use it for as long as you find the need.

Why WPS is a Good Alternative for Linux

WPS is one of the most effective business suites that is designed to meet all personal and professional needs. You can not only create documents but also design presentations and handle the data on spreadsheets.

WPS has a great number of active users. It offers access to the most useful features for free. However, if you are in need of advanced writing features, you can buy a premium online.

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