How to Install and Use Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux – A Comprehensive Guide

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The 2010 version of Microsoft Office stands out as one of the most user-friendly iterations, often sought after for its intuitive design and functionality. Despite its age, the allure of obtaining it for free is undeniable, especially when it comes to accessing powerful productivity tools without cost. In this article, we'll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to acquire Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux, ensuring you can make the most of this valuable resource without breaking the bank.

How to Install and Use Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux

How to Get Microsoft Office for Free on Linux using WPS Office

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Gaining direct access to your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on Linux is made simple with WPS Office—a smart, compatible, and free office alternative. Installing WPS Office on a Linux system is a straightforward and efficient process, especially when compared to the complex and time-consuming task of downloading Microsoft Office 2010. When you compare Microsoft Office 2010 with WPS Office, a significant advantage becomes apparent. Microsoft Office 2010 is an older version that lacks many features, whereas WPS Office not only offers a comprehensive office suite but also provides users with advanced PDF capabilities for free!

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With WPS Office offering compatibility with Microsoft Office files and being available on multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile devices, it has become the top choice for individuals seeking an alternative solution to Microsoft Office.

How to download WPS Office on Linux?

WPS Office and Linux complement each other seamlessly, forming the ultimate combination for unlocking productivity without cost. In this dynamic pairing, you can harness a world of free productivity tools and a secure, open-source operating system that empowers you to work efficiently and creatively.

Step 1: On your browser, go to WPS Office.

WPS Office Homepage

Step 2: To initiate the download process, simply click on your preferred package. If you're a Linux Mint or Ubuntu user, the DEB package is the option for you.

WPS Office download

Step 3: Open your File Explorer and navigate to Download, where you will locate the WPS Office setup file.

WPS Office setup file

Step 4: Select "Open with GDebi Package Installer" from the context menu after you right-click on the file.

WPS Office “Open with GDebi Package Installer”

Step 5: A download popup will display asking you to click "Install Package" in the top right corner.

WPS Office “Install Now”

Step 6: You will be asked to enter your device's password for authentication.  

WPS Office authentication

Step 7: Open WPS Office by simply typing its name into the menu bar or clicking the icon on your desktop.

WPS Office desktop

Steps to edit Word/Excel/Powerpoint in WPS Office for Linux:

The WPS Office has made it easier to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents even on Linux.

Edit Word files with WPS Writer

The Word document editor in WPS Office, WPS Writer, has an intuitive design similar to Microsoft Word. At the top are recognizable tabs and toolbars that offer all the functions you would expect. A dedicated button for undo/redo, search and replace, printing, saving, loading files, and more may be found. You can also use a word count tool under the Review tab to keep track of the length of your paper.

WPS Writer on Linux

Edit Excel files with WPS Spreadsheet

For managing Excel files on Linux, WPS Spreadsheet is quite a handy tool. It stands out because it has the option to include Combo charts, which let you make charts that combine two different data representations into one; this is perfect for jobs like histograms and line diagrams. Beyond this, you may do a variety of computations, from straightforward addition to intricate formulae and standard deviations.

WPS Spreadsheet on Linux

Edit Presentations with WPS Presentation

For a flawless experience while creating and modifying PowerPoint presentations on Linux, use the WPS Presentation App. Those who are familiar with PowerPoint will find it easy to use because of its user interface, which is inspired by Microsoft's Office program.

WPS Presentation on Linux

How to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux?

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to download and install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux:

Install PlayOnLinux

Step 1: Open your Linux Mint menu and go to the "Software Manager".

Linux Software Manager

Step 2: To proceed, users will need to enter their password to authenticate.

Linux Password authentication

Step 3: In the Software Manager, search for "PlayOnLinux" and double-click it to install.

Linux PlayonLinux Install

Step 4: Follow any prompts or agreements to complete the installation.

Step 5: Once PlayOnLinux is installed, close the Software Manager.

Install Required Packages

Step 1: Open a terminal window by going to the Linux Mint menu and searching for "Terminal".

Linux open terminal window

Step 2: In the terminal, enter the following command: $ sudo apt-get install xterm unrar-free p7z

Linux Terminal window enter command

Step 3: Close the terminal once the installation is complete.

Install Microsoft Office 2010

Step 1: Open PlayOnLinux by searching for it in your Linux Mint menu and double-clicking it.

Linux search

Step 2: If you didn't install the required packages during the previous steps, PlayOnLinux might prompt you with an error. Resolve this matter by following the guidance provided on your screen.

Step 3: Now, click on the "Install" button to begin the installation process.

PlayonLinux click install

Step 4: A window will pop up; give it a moment to load.

Linux PlayonLinux refreshing

Step 5: Click on the "Office" tab in the application section of PlayOnLinux. This will display a list of available Microsoft Office versions that you can download and install using PlayOnLinux, select “Microsoft Office 2010”.

Linux Microsoft Office 2010

Step 6: The standard software installation process will start. You'll first encounter an instructional window with around three conditions to adhere to. Click "Next" to proceed.

 Linux Microsoft Office instructional window

Linux Microsoft Office instructional window

Step 7: Microsoft Office 2010 installation will begin, click on to proceed with the installation process "Next".

Linux Microsoft Office 2010.installation

Linux Microsoft Office 2010.installation

Step 8: Navigate to the directory where the setup file is stored. Ensure you select the *.exe file for the Microsoft Office setup.

Microsoft Office 2010 browse setup file

Microsoft Office 2010 browse setup file

Step 9: Once you've chosen the correct .exe file, click the "Open" button located in the bottom right corner of the window. The selected .exe file will now be loaded into the PlayOnLinux application. Click on “Next” to proceed with Microsoft Office 2010 installation.

Microsoft Office 2010 setup file

Microsoft Office 2010 setup file

Step 10: PlayOnLinux will install various programs like Wine and .NET Framework. Let the installation process complete.

Linux Wine installation

Linux Wine installation

Step 11: Follow any remaining prompts to complete the installation.

Microsoft Office Linux installation

Microsoft Office Linux installation

Step 12: Once Microsoft Office 2010 is installed, click on “Close” and enjoy Microsoft Office 2010 on your PC!

Linux Microsoft Office 2010 installation complete

Linux Microsoft Office 2010 installation complete

How to Use Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux?

After successfully installing Microsoft Office 2010 free download using PlayOnLinux, you can start using various Microsoft Office applications by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on the "Run" option in PlayOnLinux after selecting a Microsoft application to open the desired application.

Linux run application

Linux run application

Step 2: To work with text documents, select "Microsoft Word". This application empowers you to create, edit, or modify *.DOC files seamlessly.

 Microsoft Word Linux

Microsoft Word Linux

Step 3: If you require spreadsheet functionality, opt for "Microsoft Excel." This tool allows you to create, edit, or modify *.xlsx and various spreadsheet formats.

Microsoft Excel Linux

Microsoft Excel Linux

Step 4: For creating and editing presentations, choose "Microsoft Presentation". This application enables you to work with presentation files on your Linux system.

Microsoft PowerPoint Linux

Microsoft PowerPoint Linux

Resonating Reminder:

In your quest for updated Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint functionality, consider the wise path of using WPS Office. It not only offers access to new features but also helps you steer clear of the bugs that can plague the old Microsoft Office 2010.

As you navigate this journey, always keep in mind these guiding stars:

  • Stay Updated: Regularly check the WineHQ website or PlayOnLinux for compatibility information and installation guides. Knowledge is power on this path.

  • Guard Your Work: Protect your precious Office documents by keeping diligent backups. Data loss can be a treacherous pitfall, and preparedness is your trusty shield.

  • Explore the Landscape: Venture into the realm of native Linux office alternatives like LibreOffice and OnlyOffice. They offer compatibility and ease of use tailored for the Linux terrain.

  • Know Your Destination: Remember that while the path to running Office 2010 on Linux is open, the experience may differ from that on a Windows system. Evaluate your unique needs and consider alternative office suites crafted for Linux's embrace.

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Q1. Is it possible to run Microsoft Office on Linux?

It is doable to run specific Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, via web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox on Linux operating systems. Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, and users can access Outlook Web Access through their web browser on Linux. It gives Linux users a web-based choice to use Microsoft Office and its linked email services without downloading the complete Office suite.

Q2. Which Linux distro supports Microsoft Office?

Ubuntu Kylin is a specific Linux distribution that supports Microsoft Office. This distro delivers a user experience akin to Microsoft Windows since it provides an identical desktop interface, diverse applications, and Microsoft Office suite to Windows, making it an ideal choice for Windows users switching to Linux. It was released in 2013 and is compatible with Ubuntu 13.04, making it a perfect option for Windows users.

WPS Office: The Ultimate Free Alternative on Linux

In this article, you've discovered a simple method for installing Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux, all at no cost. Regardless of your motivation for this download, it's worth considering that if accessibility and user-friendliness are your key priorities, WPS Office excels in these aspects. It stands as one of the most intuitive office suites available, coupled with the fact that it's entirely free. Take a step towards enhanced productivity and accessibility—download WPS Office today.

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