How to Download and Install Microsoft Office 2016 for Kali Linux (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Kali Linux is a go-to for cybersecurity folks, but when it comes to Microsoft Office, things get tricky. Ever wondered, 'How can I get Microsoft Office 2016 on Kali Linux?' We've got your back! This guide breaks it down step by step, making it easy to install Microsoft Office 2016 on your Kali Linux system

Part 1: What is Microsoft Office 2016?

MS 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 is a popular and widely-used suite of productivity software applications developed by Microsoft. It includes a collection of essential office tools designed to facilitate various tasks, such as document creation, data analysis, and presentation design. The core applications in Microsoft Office 2016 include:

  1. Microsoft Word: A word processing program used for creating and editing documents.

  2. Microsoft Excel: A spreadsheet application for data analysis, calculation, and visualization.

  3. Microsoft PowerPoint: A presentation software for designing and delivering slideshows.

  4. Microsoft Outlook: An email client and personal information manager for communication and organization.

  5. Microsoft Access: A database management system for organizing and analyzing data.

  6. Microsoft OneNote: A digital notebook for capturing and organizing notes, ideas, and information.

  7. Microsoft Publisher: A desktop publishing tool for creating publications, flyers, and marketing materials.

Functions of Microsoft Office 2016:

Microsoft Office 2016 is a powerful suite of applications that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including:

  1. Creating and editing documents, such as letters, reports, and essays.

  2. Managing spreadsheets, such as financial statements and budget trackers.

  3. Creating and delivering presentations, such as slideshows and reports.

  4. Managing emails and personal information, such as contacts, appointments, and tasks.

  5. Taking notes and organizing ideas.

Part 2: Why do Linux users like to use Microsoft Office 2016?

Pros of Microsoft Office 2016 in combination with similar apps:

  • Wide range of features: Microsoft Office 2016 offers a wide range of features for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other types of files.

  • Compatibility: Microsoft Office 2016 is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

  • Ease of use: Microsoft Office 2016 has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to learn and use.

  • Integration with other Microsoft products: Microsoft Office 2016 integrates well with other Microsoft products, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

  • Collaboration features: Microsoft Office 2016 offers a variety of collaboration features that make it easy to work on documents with others in real time.


  • Cost: Microsoft Office 2016 is a paid software suite.

  • System requirements: Microsoft Office 2016 requires a relatively powerful computer to run smoothly.

  • Updates: Microsoft Office 2016 requires regular updates, which can be time-consuming to install.

  • Complexity: Microsoft Office 2016 can be complex to learn and use, especially for advanced features.

  • Feature creep: Microsoft Office 2016 has so many features that it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

Overall, Microsoft Office 2016 is a powerful and versatile suite of productivity applications that is popular among Linux users. It offers a wide range of features, compatibility, and ease of use. However, it is also relatively expensive and requires a powerful computer to run smoothly.

Part 3: 2 Common Ways to download and install Microsoft Office 2016 for Kali Linux

Method 1: Install Microsoft Office 2016 in a VM

Step 1: On your Linux machine, install virtualization software such as VirtualBox or VMware.


Step 2: Within the virtualization program, create a new Windows VM.


Step 3: Assign resources to the VM (RAM, CPU cores, storage space).

Step 4: Use a Windows installation ISO or setup DVD to install Windows on the VM.


Step 5: To finalize the installation, download and execute the Microsoft Office installer within the Windows VM.


There is another option for anyone who wants to install Microsoft Office on their Linux computer. However, this is not as easy as the others, unless you are used to running Windows virtual machines. You must first setup a Virtual Machine on Linux before installing Windows.

Method 2: Use PlayOnLinux

Step 1: Launch PlayOnLinux

  • Open PlayOnLinux from the Applications Menu or through the terminal.

  • Type: $ playonlinux

  • Click "Install a program."

click install

Step 2: Search Microsoft Office and Choose the Version

  • Uncheck "Testing" for stable releases.

  • Search for "Microsoft Office" and select your desired version.

search for version

  • Follow the on-screen instructions, including choosing the installation directory.

follow instruction

Step 3: Choose the Setup File/Choose CD

  • Select the setup file or CD option (in most cases, you'll use the setup file).

select file

  • Browse and choose the setup file (with a .exe extension).

choose setup

Step 4: Configure Wine Essentials

  • Follow the wizard to configure Wine essentials, including "wine mono" and "Wine Gecko Installer."

Configure Wine Essentials

Step 5: Install Wine

  • The Microsoft Office setup wizard will appear.

dialog box

  • The installation will proceed automatically.

• The installation

  • Once completed, Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) will be listed in PlayOnLinux.

MS application

You can launch these applications from your system's applications menu.


Using PlayOnLinux to install Microsoft Office 2016 on Kali Linux is a good option for users who are on low-resource systems or who need to install multiple Windows applications.


  • For simplicity and reliability, beginners should choose Method 1 (using a VM).

  • Advanced users can opt for Method 2 (PlayOnLinux) to save resources and experiment further.

Overall, the best method for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Part 4: Possible Problems with Office 2016 Running on Linux

Performance issues: Microsoft Office 2016 is a resource-intensive application, and it may not run as well on Linux as it does on Windows. This is especially true for older or low-resource systems.

Compatibility issues: While Microsoft Office 2016 is generally compatible with Linux, there may be some compatibility issues with certain features or functions. For example, some users have reported problems with using macros or printing documents.

Installation and configuration issues: Installing and configuring Microsoft Office 2016 on Linux can be more complex than on Windows. This is because Linux users need to use a compatibility layer, such as Wine or PlayOnLinux, to run Windows applications.

Integration with Linux Tools: While Microsoft Office 2016 works well for its intended purposes, it may not seamlessly integrate with Linux-specific tools or open-source office suites. This can disrupt workflow for users who rely on Linux-specific software.

If you are still having problems, you may want to consider using a free and open-source productivity suite, such as WPS Office or OpenOffice. These suites offer many of the same features as Microsoft Office 2016, and they are designed to run natively on Linux.

Part 5: Best Alternatives to Microsoft Office - WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is a versatile and free office suite that offers compatibility across Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. It empowers users to effortlessly open, create, edit, and save Microsoft Office files, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. WPS Office has gained popularity for its seamless cross-platform functionality and robust feature set.

Pros of WPS Office:

  • Rich Templates: Access a wide variety of professionally designed templates.

  • Comprehensive Functions: Enjoy advanced features for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

  • Lightweight: Runs smoothly even on less powerful computers.

  • Online Collaboration: Collaborate on documents in real-time using cloud features.

  • Safety and Stability: Prioritizes document security and offers a stable working environment.

How to free download the WPS Office?

Step 1: Visit the official WPS Office website dedicated to Linux.

Step 2: Choose the correct version of WPS Office based on your Linux distribution.

choose version

Step 3: Click the "Download" button.

Step 4: Open the downloaded file and follow the provided installation instructions.


These steps will help you easily download and install WPS Office on your Linux system.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
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  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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1. Is Microsoft Office 2016 the latest version available for Kali Linux?

No, Microsoft Office 2016 is not the latest version. You have the option to explore newer versions if required.

2. Will all features of Microsoft Office 2016 work on Kali Linux?

While most features work well, occasional compatibility issues may arise with advanced features.


In conclusion, this guide streamlines the installation of Microsoft Office 2016 on Kali Linux, offering practical steps for a seamless integration process. We've emphasized the importance of Microsoft Office 2016 in various tasks and highlighted its user-friendliness and compatibility. The guide presents two installation methods, catering to different user preferences and system resources.

For those seeking an alternative, WPS Office is recommended for its versatility and rich feature set, with clear instructions for a hassle-free download and installation. While Microsoft Office 2016 is powerful, it's worth considering WPS Office. This versatile, free suite adeptly handles Microsoft Office files, offering rich templates, comprehensive functions, and lightweight performance.

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