Top 10 Free ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024

August 9, 2023 867 views

ChatGPT has truly taken the world by storm, becoming an indispensable asset across various fields of business. The need for ChatGPT's assistance has become increasingly evident as it empowers organizations to excel in their respective departments. However, as the world gradually embraces AI, it is essential to recognize that ChatGPT is just one piece of the puzzle.

Numerous other AI tools exist, each offering unique capabilities that complement and extend beyond what ChatGPT can achieve. In this article, we will explore these free ChatGPT alternatives that will propel you further ahead in your endeavors.

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool powered by artificial intelligence that allows you to have human-like discussions with the chatbot and much more. The language model can answer questions and help you with tasks like writing emails, essays, and coding.

ChatGPT is currently free to use because it is in the research and feedback-collection phase. ChatGPT Plus, a paid subscription version, is also available for users who require uninterrupted value from ChatGPT

Top 10 Free ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023

Explore the top 10 ChatGPT alternatives that you need to try:

1. Chatsonic

Writesonic developed ChatSonic, an AI chatbot platform. It is intended to deliver correct responses to enquiries and aid in day-to-day work by utilizing a strong connection to Google for real-time information on events and topics. Unlike ChatGPT, which is constrained by its training data and cannot be updated on a regular basis, ChatSonic can keep up with current events, providing it an advantage in terms of accuracy and reliability.


  • It helps you save time by producing excellent quality content efficiently.

  • It can be used to improve writing skills by offering comments and guidance on your writing.

  • The expense of hiring a professional writer can be saved.


  • Although it is designed to generate high-quality content, Chatsonic might have inaccurate information.

  • There is a risk of errors.

  • It might not be able to match the amount of creativity that a human author can offer.

2. OpenAI playground

OpenAI's Playground is a developer platform that offers tools, tutorials, API documentation, and dynamic examples to help developers get the most out of OpenAI's API. The platform provides an API platform with access to OpenAI's latest models and best practices for safety.


  • It is highly accurate and time efficient.

  • There are various language models available.

  • It is flexible, helpful in writing, customer service, and education.


  • There are restrictions on time limits.

  • There are limits to using advanced features.

  • Fewer chances to modify model behavior.

3. LaMDA

LaMDA is a Google conversational AI tool that employs big language models to produce responses to user requests. It was first presented as Meena in 2020, and then as LaMDA in 2021. LaMDA has access to a number of symbolic text processing systems, including a database, a real-time clock and calendar, a mathematical calculator, and a natural language translation system, which allows it to do jobs with more accuracy.. Google states that the responses created by LaMDA are "sensible, interesting, and context-specific.". LaMDA has been employed in the development of chatbots and other conversational AI systems.


  • Enhanced naturalness and specificity in apps that use conversation.

  • More precise and relevant answers.

  • Improved comprehension of context.


  • Public knowledge of exact restrictions is limited.

  • Operational specifics and limitations may change.

  • Additional research is required in several fields and languages.

4. Bloom

Bloom is a Large Language Model (LLM) that can generate coherent text in 46 languages as well as 13 programming languages. It is an autoregressive model trained on massive volumes of text data to continue text from a prompt utilizing industrial-scale computational resources.. Bloom is the product of the greatest collaboration of AI researchers ever involved in a single research effort, with over 1000 researchers from 70+ countries and 250+ institutions 1 participating. Bloom is the first multilingual LLM trained in perfect transparency, with 176 billion parameters. The model architecture is similar to GPT3, however it was trained on 46 different languages and 13 programming languages.


  • Bloom can produce writing in a total of 46 languages and 13 programming languages.

  • Bloom is capable of handling text assignments for which it has not been properly instructed.


  • It doesn’t have any special features like other chatbots.

5. DeepL Write

DeepL Translate is a machine translation service that provides precise translations for individuals and groups. Compatible with multiple languages, text can be translated by entering it in or dragging and dropping Word (.docx) and PowerPoint (.pptx) files into the translator. DeepL Translate also has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.


  • Gives high quality translations.

  • Supports translation in a wide variety of languages.

  • Provides translation alternatives for texts of different lengths, ranging from short sentences to lengthy paragraphs.


  • Fewer languages are available compared to other translation programs.

  • Subscriptions are needed for advanced services.

  • May have trouble translating nuanced or sophisticated sentences.

6. YouChat

YouChat is an artificial intelligence conversation platform that is connected with the search engine. It is similar to ChatGPT in that it allows users to communicate with an AI search assistant directly from their search results. YouChat is meant to provide extensive responses to almost any issue, and it keeps up with current events and cites its sources.


  • YouChat makes it simpler and quicker to locate the information.

  • YouChat combines information from several web pages to provide accurate responses.

  • Users don't need to register for an account to use YouChat, which makes it simpler to use.


  • YouChat's capabilities can be limited because it is made mostly for searching and providing answers to queries.

  • YouChat occasionally could show out-of-date information.

  • YouChat has trouble finding sources, which reduces its reliability and transparency.

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7. Character AI

Character AI is a platform where users may develop and interact with AI chatbots. Users can submit numerous bits of information to change the nature of the character, which can be fictional or based on real persons, dead or alive. The website employs a neural language model to read massive amounts of text and respond to prompts based on that data.


  • It's entertaining to use and allows for random talks.

  • It provides a range of characters to converse with, including both actual individuals and imaginary characters.

  • Interactive storytelling can benefit from character AI.


  • Concerns about privacy, identification, and misrepresentation without authorization are raised by character AI.

  • Complex situations are difficult for it to comprehend, which could lead to errors and misunderstandings.

  • If replies to Character AI don't match up with established qualities, personalities, or mannerisms, users could interpret them as artificial or unauthentic.

8. CoGram

Cogram is a powerful AI-driven application developed to help professionals take better notes and assign action items during virtual meetings. Cogram's features include automatic minutes and summaries, lightning-fast setup, easy connection with CRMs, and enterprise security, as well as privacy protection by not retaining audio or video recordings of meetings. Cogram is a useful tool for sales, customer success, project management, and internal meetings.


  • CoGram automatically takes notes during virtual meetings, eliminating the need for manual note-taking and boosting productivity.

  • CoGram makes it possible for team members to share and work together on notes.

  • CoGram uses NLP algorithms for meeting prioritization and task focus.


  • CoGram might not offer advanced tools for collaboration or communication.

  • Technical problems such as delayed loading times or trouble accessing the notes.

  • Complex sessions with plenty of material and conversation are difficult to accurately report.

9. Otter is a voice meeting notes and real-time transcription tool that records audio and takes real-time notes. It is intended to save users time and boost productivity by removing the need for manual note-taking during meetings, seminars, and interviews. is available on Android devices, as a Chrome extension, and in a browser.


  • It will take notes, record slides, and record audio.

  • Automatically summarizes the entire conversation.

  • Transcripts can be accessed by users on a variety of devices.


  • The price of the paid plans may be too high for some users' budgets.

  • It might have trouble in noisy settings, with dialects or complex accents.

  • Some users might worry about the security and privacy of their recordings.

10. Botsonic

Botsonic is a no-code AI chatbot builder powered by GPT-4 technology developed by Chatsonic. It enables users to construct bespoke AI chatbots without the requirement for coding or technical understanding. ChatGPT can be trained on your own data or knowledge base using Botsonic, transforming it into a personalized AI customer enhancement executive for your online platforms. Botsonic is part of the Writesonic platform.


  • You may quickly train ChatGPT on your business or company data.

  • The AI chatbot is customisable - add brand's colors, logo, and a welcoming message.

  • In order to receive further customer service, you can also supply your phone number.


  • It can be difficult to use.

What Can It Be Used For?

Until this point, ChatGPT has undeniably earned the title of the content writer's best friend, charmingly weaving words together to create phenomenal prose that almost seems humanly crafted. Its prowess in generating written content has captured the attention of many, but its capabilities don't end there. Beyond the realm of writing, ChatGPT showcases its versatility in a multitude of other domains, proving itself indispensable in various applications.

For those immersed in the world of coding, ChatGPT can serve you greatly. With its coding expertise, it adeptly generates code snippets in diverse programming languages, providing a helping hand to developers seeking solutions to intricate problems.

ChatGPT is a powerful NLP tool that can extract information from text, enabling tasks like sentiment analysis and named entity recognition. It seamlessly transitions from written to spoken interactions, answering queries and engaging in meaningful dialogues. Aspiring learners can use ChatGPT for complexities in diverse subjects, while the scientific community finds it valuable for research and development.

Why Go for a ChatGPT Alternative?

Exploring alternatives to ChatGPT allows users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse landscape of AI tools. While ChatGPT undeniably possesses remarkable capabilities, it might not excel in every domain. Therefore, considering other AI tools that outperform ChatGPT in specific aspects can be a strategic move.

Each AI model has its strengths and limitations, and leveraging various alternatives provides invaluable insights into the breadth and depth of AI's potential. For instance, while ChatGPT is unparalleled in generating human-like text, there might be other models specialized in complex language understanding tasks or code generation, surpassing ChatGPT's performance in those areas.

A judicious approach to AI implementation involves assessing specific project requirements and goals. For certain tasks, a combination of multiple AI models might prove optimal, utilizing each tool's unique strengths to achieve superior results.

Users may prefer open-source alternatives for customization and privacy, while local or on-premises alternatives can address privacy concerns. Embracing diverse AI tools like ChatGPT and its counterparts unlocks possibilities for innovation, efficiency, and harnessing AI's boundless potential.

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1. Can I use ChatGPT alternatives for commercial projects?

Yes, the majority of ChatGPT substitutes offer commercial license options or charges that are appropriate for business projects.

2. Do ChatGPT alternatives require coding skills?

The level of coding expertise needed varies depending on the option. While some platforms, like Rasa and ChatterBot, demand more technical know-how, others, like Dialogflow and Flow XO, offer visual interfaces that require little to no coding.

Do More with AI

While it may seem implausible that AI tools are entirely free, considering the remarkable convenience they offer, there is no harm in embracing and becoming accustomed to their usage. In this article, we delved into the world of AI and discovered free alternatives to ChatGPT, which might even surpass it in certain aspects. Wondering how you could save the information gathered from these AI tools? Try WPS Office, a free office suite, which allows users to edit documents. Users can save data as PDF for later use to make sure the formatting remains intact. Visit WPS Office and learn more about their features!

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