WPS Office 2019 for Linux ( Update log


1. Optimize WPS startup and opening performance

2. Support vertical typesetting of text from left-to-right

3. Added support for LoongArch architecture

5. Fixed the issue that WPS scroll too much when using two-finger scrolling on the touchpad, which makes the functionality essentially not usable

6. Fixed the issue that pictures cannot be directly inserted when they are dragged into the WPS process

7. Fixed the issue of incomplete display of SVG pictures drawn by Inkscape in WPS

8. Solve the problem after installing the version There are redundant files in the local file path

WPS Writer:

1. Support inserting Mongolian style data after adding Mongolian keyboard

2. Fixed the issue of WPS crash in copying the formula in the sample

WPS Presentation:

1. Support remote control slide show on mobile terminal

WPS Office 2019 For Linux