WPS Office 2019 for Linux ( Update log

WPS Public components:

1. Program icons and UI copywriting are optimized, and the background colors and slogans of some pages are adjusted. Users will have a new visual experience.

2. The Save As dialog box is updated, and memory of the previous save operation is supported.

3. Restoring a cropped image is supported.

4. Setting transparency in image attributes is supported, and setting gradient filling effects in SVG images is supported.

5. Pressing "Ctrl" to display the "Paste option button" is supported.

6. Quick access to toolbar hotkeys and adding all commands are supported.

7. Selecting multiple documents at the home page document list is supported.

8. The display of icons at the feature area is optimized, and buttons at the status bar are rearranged.

9. The right-click menu is optimized. The display of some icons and entry display logic are adjusted, and some icon hotkeys are added or deleted.

10. The display of style commands at the feature area is optimized. The grouping logic, command text, and positions of high-frequency commands are optimized.

11. The prompt dialog box for unsaved documents when disabling a single tab page is optimized.

12. Custom theme colors are supported. Users can customize color matching based on their requirements.

13. File path splicing is optimized, and file paths are standardized.

14. The problem that the CEF feature is not available for the Fedora 36 system is solved.

15. The problem that the WPS Office client cannot be started after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 is solved.

WPS Writer:

1. Multi-page display of chapter navigation pane is supported, and the efficiency of using the chapter navigation pane in large documents is improved.

2. Selecting texts with similar formats is supported, and users can quickly select texts with the same or similar field formats.

3. Retaining content control properties when saving or copying an HTML file is supported.

4. The document crash mechanism is optimized and the crash rate is reduced.

5. The print preview feature is optimized, and some shortcuts are added to the print preview tab, such as modifying paper orientations and margins.

6. The style pane feature is optimized, and the preview of style display is optimized. The effect can be directly displayed without preview.

WPS Spreadsheet:


2. Filtering non-blank items is supported.

3. When the referenced area is a subset of the table area, the table area changes, and the referenced table area will be updated synchronously.

4. Inserting rows and columns at the lower right side is supported.

5. The Create Copy feature is added to the worksheet submenu.

6. More currency formats are supported.

7. Using Alt + = on the right side of the keyboard to sum is supported.

8. The filter button icon is replaced with the SVG icon to avoid blurry icons on high-resolution screens.

9. The text in the Sort Warning dialog box is optimized, and the positioning logic of merging cells is added.

10. The effect of merging cells is improved and the efficiency of editing spreadsheets is improved.

11. The Freeze Panes feature is more convenient and the interactive experience is enhanced.

12. The Copy as Image feature is optimized. When the image is oversize, an image cropping prompt and an explanation will be displayed.

13. The right-click menu of the Spreadsheet component is optimized.

14. The use experience on the touch screens of Huawei tablets is optimized, and more touch points are added to the cell.

WPS Presentation:

1. Three auxiliary features in presentation mode are supported: laser pointer, magnifier, and spotlight. With these features, users can highlight a specific position, zoom in on parts of the display, and focus on key points respectively.

2. Copying and dragging audios and videos into documents is supported, and inserting WebM videos is supported.

3. Slide reuse is supported.

4. Adding highlight background color to the text is supported.

5. Drawing table lines and creating tables by drawing are supported. Erasing table lines using erasers is supported.

6. Using the shortcut Ctrl + D to copy and paste objects at an equal distance is supported.

7. The text accent color feature is supported. The setting of entry in the feature area is supported, and the layout of text with accent color is now editable. The property value of the highlight color is embedded, and users can set and read it.

8. In the option settings, disabling the slideshow toolbar in single-screen Slideshow mode is supported.

9. The style of drop-down list icons at the feature area is optimized.

10. Custom typesetting of smart graphics is optimized.

11. The layout of animation tabs is optimized, and some shortcuts are added.

12. The projection interface of the presenter view is optimized, and features such as dual-screen projection are added.

13. The prompt box's style and prompt text for binary compatibility are optimized.

14. The problem that bullets in SVG image format are lost after being saved as binary format is solved.

WPS Office 2019 For Linux