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10 beautiful OKR excel templates

August 29, 2022

For everyone, Excel is a magically terrific tool. Using its templates, you can handle anything, including your business details, business planning and management, scheduling, accounting, finances, and everything related to your business. You can choose from a wide range of features from excel for your daily tasks.

Every level of an organization is intended to be reached by OKRs in any situation. They've been demonstrated to help managers support their teams, find crucial workforce insights, and align people with an organization's main priorities. All these tasks are easily done with these okrs templates. These 10 beautiful okrs excel templates are listed below for your use.

OKR Spreadsheet Weekly Checklist Template

OKR weekly checklist templates are easily available at the WPS office for use. It is created to check out all the details of the performance of high companies, their gain, and loss. All the details are manageable by using this template.

Performance OKR Trackers Template

Performance OKR tracker templates are easily available at the WPS office for use. It is created to check out all the details of the performance of high companies, their gain and loss all the company's performance. All the details are manageable by using this template.

Checklist of Office Supplies OKR Template

The checklist of office supplies okr template is beautifully designed to check the complete list of office supplies. This template helps out in managing the supplies for the company.

Product Inspection Checklist Template

The product inspection checklist of the okr template is designed to inspect the products. This template helps out in the inspection of the products for the company.

Simple Business Quotation Template

A simple business quotation template is also included in okr templates. These templates are generated in the WPS office for company management. For free download, this spreadsheet get to the WPS office now!

Sales Staff Sales Total Statistics of Each Product Template

Sale staff sale statistics of each product are specially designed for large companies' projects for their sales staff to manage their sale statistics.

Annual Analysis and Summary Report of Sales Data Template

Annual analysis and summary report of sales data okr template is for the yearly base analysis of sales and to create an annual summary of sales. This template is easy to use and very friendly to deal with.

Employee 360-degree Performance Evaluation Form Template

Employee 360-degree Performance Evaluation Form is based on the okr excel template technique for employees of the company to evaluate their performance throughout the year.

List of Company Shipments Templates

The okr template also manages the list of company shipments. This template is created for making the list of shipments for the company.

Okr Daily Sales Report Template

The okr daily sales report template manages the company's daily sales report. This template is created beautifully in the WPS office.

The conclusion

The strong goal-setting process known as Objectives and Key Results (OKR) promotes alignment, performance, and outcomes in expanding and high-performing businesses. An OKR template is a simple spreadsheet that unites and engages everyone's details inside the firm around measurable goals at its most basic level.

In the WPS office, you will get hundreds of OKR templates. So, download your favourite templates from the WPS office without further ado.

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