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10 best example of excel spreadsheets

August 31, 2022

Excel spread sheet is a form of electronic worksheet which is arranged in the form of grids in which data can be entered item in text or numerical form.  The data entered then can be arranged and organized in ascending or descending order and different formulas can also be applied automatically on them.  it is a popular tool which is used for data organization in which data can be related to currency, dates or any other factor. Example of an Excel Spreadsheet is very useful nowadays. It helps a lot in business and in our daily life.

Three examples of an excel spreadsheet are available on different online platforms.  Many online websites offer free download of best example of excel spreadsheets.  A good example is of WPS office.  Free sheet template can be free downloaded from WPS office which offer hundreds of professionally developed templates of free sheets with formula.

HR Personnel Statistics Report

The spreadsheet allow creation of human resource personnel statistic reports.  Automatic graphical illustrations are also generated using the data.  This spreadsheet template is effective for report generation in business.

Cash Journal Expendiure

The template as a expenditure cash journal.  Data related to expenses can be incorporated on a monthly basis in the cells of spreadsheet.

Annual Budget Statem

The spreadsheet helps in record maintenance of annual budget.  It allows entry of different fiscal years in the form of colorful matrix.

Household Balance Sheet

The template it can be used for record keeping of household expenses.  Comparison between income and expense can be calculated in the form of monthly budgets in this template

One-week Attendance Check-in Form

This template allows weekly attendance and can act as a checklist for individuals and their presence on weekly basis.  Overall absentees can also be recorded.

Cash Flow Statement

This free spreadsheet template allows cash flow statement creation.  Amount of cash inflow and cash outflow can be calculated using this template

Chart of Training Effectiveness (by department)

 The spreadsheet template is effective for record keeping of employee training effectiveness.  It is perfect for performance of prison and comparing the pre training and post training performance of the employee

Fresh Blue Finance Invoice

This spreadsheet helps in record keeping of invoice.  It is helpful in keeping and voice record in a company

Purple Bus Time Table

This free spreadsheet template is helpful in scheduling bus timetable.  The timings as well as the name of bus stop can be mentioned in this template

The Assignments of Housework

This example of an excel spreadsheet template is helpful in keeping a record of housework assignments in a highly organized manner which makes it easy to use.  It is convenient to use and helpful in everyday housework planning

WPS is a beneficial platform from where hundreds of colorful and professional spreadsheet templates can be downloaded without any payment free of cost.  The free spreadsheet templates provided by WPS office are professional and convenient to use making them completely user friendly.  It is recommended to people to download WPS office to get professional free spreadsheet templates with free download facility.

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