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10 best monthly gantt chart templates for Excel free download

August 29, 2022

A Gantt chart's two-axes structure makes it an excellent tool for connecting tasks and dates. Once an assignment is created and its start and end dates are specified, you receive one of the best-visualized timelines that displays important information quickly. While showing dates and deadlines is one of Gantt charts' strengths, its advantages go well beyond that. Monthly Gantt chart excel template is a must have for a business.

There are many different monthly Gantt chart excel templates available on WPS, some of them are given below:

1.Simple gantt chart:

Manually creating and organising various tasks, along with their start and due dates, eats up valuable time and may be easily surpassed by specialised project management software. WPS has produced a Gantt chart template that is accessible with just one click in order to assist businesses.

We created a free pre-designed Gantt chart that will really benefit you and your team since we understand the importance of progress via task management. .

 Simple gantt chart:

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

2.Construction gantt chart:

You can allocate jobs like creating punch lists, executing building inspections, cleaning up sites, and more using contemporary Gantt chart construction software. By using a post-construction Gantt chart, you can make sure that all crucial steps are taken, the necessary paperwork is filed, and everything is properly tied together..

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

3.Gantt chart timeline:

Consider a Gantt chart as an accelerated timeline. It displays the beginning and ending dates of your project's numerous tasks and milestones. The Gantt chart, which depicts task interdependence between activities, is the best graphic for outlining the present state of a project's schedule. It is a helpful tool for planning and carrying out a phase of your project since it makes job identification and resource allocation simple and obvious.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

4.Gantt chart project:

The WPS Gantt chart template divides a project into phases and tasks, indicating who is in charge, the start and end dates of each task, and the percentage of completion. Your project team should study and amend the Gantt chart together. This Gantt chart template is perfect for managing projects, creating student assignments, and even planning home renovations.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

5.Hourly gantt chart:

Schedules for project plans are often created for medium- or long-term plans.

However, it is best to schedule in hours because some projects need for a thorough breakdown of daily duties.

In some cases, hours rather than days are used to determine the required effort.

To arrange chores in hours, utilise our free hourly gantt chart template made in WPS.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

6.Simple gantt chart:

This template highlights project milestones by fusing a Gantt chart with a timeline format. Indicate the project's tasks or phases, dates, and length on the horizontal bars. Place the bars and milestone markers along the timeline where the dates of your project correspond. This template offers a straightforward visual schedule that is suitable for inclusion in a presentation or succinct summary for stakeholders.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

7.Monthly gantt chart:

This Gantt chart template's straightforward design and straightforward layout make it easier to plan projects on a monthly and annual basis. Track any relevant information, such as the owner or status of a task, using the color-coded bar chart. Create your own Gantt chart monthly calendar by adding activities and modifying the timelines for each of those events.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

8.Progress grantt chart:

A common project management tool used to identify issues with task management is the Gantt chart. However, you can enhance it by adding further details like project milestones, presentation dates, and related occasions.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

9.Project management gantt chart:

Teams can visualise a project's chronology using a Gantt chart, a project management tool. It comprises a list of project tasks, project dates, and bars that show the start and end dates as well as the length of each work.

Gantt charts are used by teams and project managers to visualise a project's schedule and effort.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

10.Red simple gantt chart:

You could download the Excel template that uses red tones if you want to use a more dynamic Gantt chart. In this instance, the template stands out because it provides a Gantt chart that is organised with a way that will aid in job prioritisation.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

On a single page, you can handle all the intricate details. Gantt charts templates reduce workload and facilitate smooth and simple operations for you. So, when it comes to task management, business managers prefer Gantt charts above anything else.

We hope that you seem to have liked the monthly gantt chart excel template that we have recommended for your business. Download WPS Office now and get a pleasurable working experience for your business.

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