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10 Stunning Attendance Sheet Excel Templates

April 27, 2023

An Attendance Sheet Excel Template can be readily used in Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc, and Apple Numbers. Also included are records of payroll heads used for salary calculations, such as the present, absent, late arrivals, holidays, and on-the-job training.

Employee attendance needs to be recorded in detail by office administrators. To meet this need, this template includes a variety of types of leaves, such as Paid Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, and Casual Leave. Take a closer look at the list of the attendance sheet excel template!

1.Simple Fresh Attendance Form Template

An employee attendance sheet makes it easy to record these entries. Further, it aids in keeping a close eye on the employees and aids in boosting the company's performance.

2.Employee Attendance Record Template

Keeping track of attendance at meetings, clubs, work, school, or church is easy with this free attendance sheet. Our attendance sheets and sign-in and sign-up forms come in many different types. Must try this WPS’s free employee attendance record template!

3.Automatic Weekly Attendance Sheet Template

With this accessible automatic weekly attendance chart template, you can keep track of attendance for up to 30 students per week. You can select from present, tardy, unexcused, or excused depending on the day of the week.

4.Employee Attendance Record Template

With this visual employee attendance tracker template, you can keep track of each employee's attendance instantly. With this attendance record in Excel, you can create a professional-looking attendance record for your employees.

5.Training Attendance Form Template

With this well-formatted training attendance form template, you can keep track of participant attendance at a training program. Using this file is easy and it is of high quality.

6.Attendance Supplement Application Form Template

Would you like to create a customized application form for your company or organization? You can start collecting all the detailed information your organization needs with WPS's attendance supplement application form template.

7.Personal Attendance List Template

Use this free online Personal Attendance Sheet from WPS to track attendance for students or employees! It is simply a matter of entering information in the spreadsheet about each person and checking off their attendance. 

8.Attendance Statistics Template

We are pleased to welcome you to our free attendance statistics sheet template, a resource aimed at helping you track attendance. At the office, at workshops, seminars, conferences, or in the classroom, you can use them.

9.Attendance Check-in Form Template

Do you need to monitor people's check-in times in real time? Use this attendance check-in form Template. With any of these templates, students, employees, or event attendees can check in themselves at the start of class, at work, or at an event.

10.Simple Attendance Process Template

In this Simple Attendance Process template, you will learn how to set up or improve your company's attendance policy for employees and how to manage absenteeism. Take a closer look at this attendance template!

Wind Up

I hope you would enjoy the above attendance sheet excel templates that might help you to maintain your attendance sheet. WPS Office provides hundreds of free online templates, so without wasting the time download the WPS on your devices. 

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