A few efficient ways to handle large data

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A few efficient ways to handle large data

A few efficient ways to handle large data

The main points of this lesson are as follows:

1. How to reduce interference when encountering tables with large data?

When dealing with tables with large data, we can use the “Freeze Panes, “Eye Protection Mode,  and “Reading Layout. All three of which can help us focus more.

2. How to view multiple data tables at the same time?

When we need to view different worksheets of the same workbook at the same time, click the View> “New Window”> “Horizontal Text Box”, which opens multiple windows to work together without interfering with each other.

Or you can click Split Window to split a worksheet into four independent areas.

3. How to compare data from two data tables?

If we need data comparison, try to use the View side-by-side function, yet the functions Advanced filter and Manage Duplicates are more convenient.

4. How to use the Subtotalfunction?

We can Subtotal a table with large data, so that the same type of data can be calculated quickly. Select the table data, click Data> Subtotal, and set the dialog box.

PS: Don't forget to sort the data in the source table in ascending order before subtotal, otherwise it will affect the effect of the function.

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