Beautiful Free Birthday Card Templates for Word

August 23, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Everyone enjoys getting free birthday card templates for Word or a special occasion present. Science has demonstrated that sending a greeting card to someone can improve their mood. The birthday card is a custom that expresses friendliness. In today's environment, birthday cards are commonplace, and it is essential to send an actual physical item rather than an online e-card.

Please choose one of our beautiful free birthday card templates for Word, customize it, and design your card. Then, fill it with special memories and good wishes. Your friends, family, or loved ones will cherish this unique birthday card.

1.Blue Balloon Birthday Card Template

There is something about blue balloons that brings a sense of joy, fun, and child-like pleasure. So pick the blue balloon birthday card template to make cards more attractive and joyful to send.

2.Happy Birthday Greeting Card Template

A happy birthday greeting card template card can emotionally connect with any of your friends and family who have touched your life.

3.Golden Birthday Invitation Card Template

A stylish golden birthday party invitation card design featuring a frame of golden confetti dots gives you some word opportunity that you might look for in the future.

4.Happy Birthday Card Template

You should always include a  happy birthday card with a gift. It's an extra touch for the recipient that makes the gift more personal. This template will make your birthday wish more attractive to someone.

5.Birthday Invitation Card Template

A birthday invitation card sets the stage for a birthday event. Pick out the best birthday invitation card template that you can freely customize to match any party theme.

6.Beautiful Gift Birthday Card Template

A beautiful gift birthday card template can be a wonderful way to show your feelings and offer words of encouragement for years to come. Download this template without wasting your precious time.

7.Happy Birthday Invitation Card Template

The happy birthday invitation card template gives you the best idea to make your card to get the attention of your friends and loved ones and appropriately invite them.

8.Pink Gift Birthday Invitation Card Template

Gather guests with a unique pink birthday invitation card. Choose from various designs or create your own from scratch using WPS templates for birthday cards.

9.Candle Birthday Invitation Card Template

Create a beautiful card with a candle birthday invitation card template for inviting them to a night birth party in a different way.

10.Happy Birthday Invitation Card Template

A happy birthday invitation card template can help you express all your emotions with sympathy, joy, love, humor, thanks, and admiration.


Cards make a fuss of birthdays, nurture friendships, and keep us connected. When we can’t be with a friend or family in person, sending a card can bring great joy and comfort. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can find our free birthday card templates for word templates collection from WPS templates. You will find an amazing and inspirational variety of templates on this site.

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