Beautify The Table

Uploaded time: August 17, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

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Beautify The Table

Beautify The Table

In this lesson, we've introduced the skills to beautify the table.

1. How to make your column chart looks advanced and professional?

Choose your favorite color scheme on a professional color matching website, right-click the Format Data Series> FILL&LINE> Color, and use the Eyedropper to pick favorite color scheme.

Moreover, you can turn ordinary columns into your favorite IOCN pattern so that the column chart is no longer monotonous. Click the “Insert”> Icon Library where you can select varieties of IOCN patterns. Click the data series, right-click the Format Data Series> FILL&LINE> ''Picture or texture fill, and select an ICON to make your chart more innovative.


2. How to beautify your line chart?

Do the lines always look too stiff? Right-click the Format Data Series> Smoothed Line to make the lines smooth

Do the lines look too monotonous? Try to click the Fill&LINE> LINE> End Arrow, where you can select different styles for your lines and enhance your creativity 

Want to highlight important data nodes on the line? Still, you can click the “FILL&LINE”> MARKER to set the style of the mark.


3. How to set up a beautified chart as a template?

Once you have finished beautifying, choose a chart you are satisfied with and right-click to select Save as template, so that you can save the template in the system for reuse.