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Best 10 Free leave record excel template Customizable

August 29, 2022

Welcome to the leave record excel template. Every organization needs to keep track of its employee record. If you are looking for the best template to track your employee leaves or absentees then you are in right place. In this era, everyone wants to do smart work instead of hard work. So why not save time and effort by using a readymade template for managing employees’ records?

In this article, we will discuss some efficient and well-organized leave record excel templates. These templates are designed by professional experts. You can customize any template as they are easy to edit. You can avail any of the templates for free. Here I compiled some of the most professional and simple leave records templates:

1.Annual Leave Days Form Excel Template:

This template helps you in keeping track of the annual leaves of an employee. A simple leave record excels template is required to maintain data so it looks presentable and easy to find. You can also search for the monthly record of the employee.

2.Leave Application Form Excel Template:

This leave application is to be submitted by the employee who wants to go on leave. Management should keep them safe to track one’s leaves. You can download this template for free.

3.Attendance Supplement Application Form Excel Template:

This excel sheet will be prepared on daily basis to keep track of absent employees. So you can search for employees on leave on daily basis or a specific date. Additional notes are to be added at the bottom.

4.Employee Attendance Check-In Form Excel Template:

This simple leave record excels template is super-efficient. As this has to be filled by all employees for absentees with proper reason. So you can track easily on a monthly or hourly basis. This template is available for free download.

5.Employee Attendance Check-In Form Excel Template:

Customize this attendance check-in form for your comfort. By downloading this free leave record excel template you can track absentees or leaves easily.

6.Employee Absent Rate Calculator Excel Template:

This monthly leave record excel template is perfect if you want to calculate absentees or leave a record of the employee. This is super-efficient and easy to edit.

7.Employee Attendance Sheet Excel Template:

Keep a track of employees’ monthly leaves with this professional template. Different colors are used to determine different states.

8.Automatically Attendance Sheet Excel Template:

If you are looking for a perfect leave tracker so go with this efficient and well-arranged automatic template. This free leave record excels template will helps you to maintain records automatically.

9.Highlight Supported Attendance Sheet Excel Template:

Attendance sheet creation is a tricky part. Why not use this readymade template of the attendance sheet?

10.Attendance Statistic Excel Template:

Attendance statics of determining the number of total absentees including leaves, sick leaves, absent, and others. Download this captivating template for free.

Using a leave record excel template is the best alternative to keeping track manually which is quite a difficult task. WPS office software allows you to download amazing templates like these. You can download any the of required templates for free.

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