Best Oral Presentation Examples

September 9, 2022

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The outline for this oral presentation is going to be a series of slides that describe each part of the process for authorship in a curated series of quality articles. This outline will also help you prepare questions for any audience that is unfamiliar with the topic in this particular presentation.

Here are some oral presentation examples ideas you could use. Use these as a guide to making your own presentations. If you need more ideas, check out the WPS blog or simply download the WPS application to get free access to the best oral presentations example templates.

1.Graduation Thesis Defense Presentation Template

The thesis defense is the end of a graduate student's journey and the culmination of many years of hard work. This template is designed to help you organize your thoughts and present your work in a concise, structured, and persuasive manner to convince your grad school's dean to grant you your thesis.

2.Medical Oral Defense of Graduation Presentation Template

Through the use of templates, you can make sure you're giving a strong, well-organized, and gripping presentation to a large audience of your peers and professors. You can record the audio portion, speak from notes (important notes on the screen do not work well), or just present from your flash drive.

3.Cartoon Oral Defense for Graduates presentation

An oral defense of graduation thesis is a formal, official document that is written to defend a student's merits of graduating. The thesis is written to defend a thesis graduate's thesis. This defense of graduates will provide the speeches, outlines, and materials of the defense with the graduate's defense of their thesis.

4.Yellow and Green Presentation Template

The different uses of oral presentations in life and in the work world will be shown, covering a variety of various examples. Whether you come from an education background, an engineering background, or a non-academic area, there are likely to be examples provided that might help to inspire you to engage in more oral presentations.

5.Fresh General Graduation Thesis Defense Presentation Template

It is important to make sure that your oral defense of a thesis is done well with care and precision. When preparing this type of presentation, it is necessary to consider the audience and the occasion. You should identify who will be attending, outline the most important aspects of your research, and plan the presentation talk accordingly.

6.General Oral Defense of Graduation Presentation Template

If you are required to give a speech in front of a large audience at graduation, you need to have a good plan. Here are some handy oral defense of graduation speech templates you can use. These will help you adjust your speech to the intended audience and make sure that your speech is focused and well-planned.

7.Blue Oral Defense for Graduation presentation template

Give your oral defense a strong start by using a visually stimulating bullet-point presentation for your introduction. Then remind your audience about the purpose of your oral defense and use a broad introduction before diving into the meat of your presentation, with focus points that include: ideas, key points, and audience benefits.

8.Graduation Thesis Presentation Template

Every student has given an oral defense of their thesis, yet few are great. This document is designed to help students prepare for their graduation oral defense. It is easy for students to learn from and emulate common mistakes or to see potential pitfalls to avoid. It is important that students use this template to gain insight into what makes for a memorable oral defense.

9.Blue & White Defense for Graduation Presentation Template

These are all examples of oral presentations that you might use to demonstrate your thesis defense during your graduation ceremony. Use the one that best describes your work and personal style. Several of the templates presented may have only one or two of the needs you need to be fulfilled, so you can swap out templates for ones that better fit your needs.

10.Education Oral Presentation Template

Your Oral Presentation is the one in which all your hard work, research, preparation, and audience involvement happen. It is also the one that you will most likely reference, show to an audience, and be judged on. Your Oral Presentations are pivotal,


Learning to present with good oral communication skills is a very important part of a future career. It is important to have an oral presentation for both jobs interviewing and public speaking. These Oral presentation examples templates will help you with the basics of preparing for these types of presentations. Always have a purpose statement, introduction, and conclusion. Keep your information condensed and relevant.

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