Comparison: WPS Writer vs. Microsoft Word

February 14, 2022

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WPS Office, the best alternative to Microsoft Office, supports both PC and Mobile, installs the latest versions online and is compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Adobe PDF.

Surely, there are some functional differences between WPS Office and Microsoft Office.

In this section, well compare WPS Writer with Microsoft Word. Without further ado, lets go through them one by one.

Note: Compared with Microsoft Office 365 Version 2111 in December 2021

· Web Search function

WPS Office has a built-in Google search engine in WPS Writer, so you only need to select the text you want to query and click the Search button. Then a browser will pop up automatically, and you will get what Google has found.

· Export to Picture

WPS Writer has a special tool to convert pictures, allowing us to achieve more functions. We can choose By Page or Long picture, and in addition, WPS Writer allows you to set the conversion range.

· Screenshot

WPS Writer provides four shapes options for screenshots so that you can customize its shape according to your actual needs. I would also introduce you to a very convenient small featurePin, with which we can place screenshots outside the WPS Writer editing area.

· Encryption

For users' convenience, there is only one way to encrypt WPS documents, which assemble all the related functions of document encryption in one interface.

· Split or Merge

For user's convenience, WPS Writer integrates the functions of merging and splitting documents together. It also performs excellently in providing users with more personalized settings to meet their diverse needs.

· Picture to Text

In WPS Writer, it is much more convenient to do the conversion in the document. With OCR technology, the text and layout of pictures can be identified intelligently.

· Signature

There are three ways to insert a signature in WPS Writer, namely, Input, Image and Handwrite.

· Student Tools

Student Tools is a collection of functions launched by WPS for students users. Some frequently-used functions are selected. This built-in function cannot be found in other office software at present.

· Eye Protection Mode

Long-time staring at the screen when using office software can cause eye irritation.  At this point, we can relieve tired eyes by adjusting the theme or colour of the document.

· File Collect

In the workplace, collecting all kinds of documents is frequently needed. At this time, a file folder is always wanted to collect what we need by sending a sharing link to others.

These are the main differences between WPS Writer with Microsoft Word. Did you get it?

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