Conditional Formatting for data visualization

November 4, 2021

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The Conditional Formatting function can format cells fulfiling specific conditions. We can visualizate data with this function.

1. Select an array for conditional formatting.

2. Go to the Home tabclick Conditional Formatting.

3. Choosing the Manage Rule... option to pop up the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog.

Customize (Manage) Rules for Conditional Formatting

4. Click New Rule to pop up the New Formatting Rule dialog, where you can access settings of conditions and cell formats. Here are two cases of data visualization.

Case 1 use Icon Sets of different color to mark the value ranges. Each color indicates a specific value range.

Case 1: Conditional Formatting (Icon Sets style) to indicate number range

Case 1 Result: Conditional Formatting (Icon Sets style)

Case 2 presents Data Bars in the selected cells. With Data Bars, we can directly compare values within an array.

Case 2: Conditional Formatting (Data Bar style) to visualize data

Case 1 Result: Conditional Formatting (Icon Sets style)

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