Create 100 recruitment notices in batches

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Create 100 recruitment notices in batches

Create 100 recruitment notices in batches

Here are one hundred profiles of new employees, which need to be made into recruitment notices. If you are the HR of this company, how would you do that?The Mail Merge function allows you to handle these 100 notices easily.

Take this document as an example. We need to input employees' names, entry time, department, position, and salary.

1. Open the table that contains the information of new employees.

2. The information of the five columns will be inserted as Merge Fields. For convenience, we set the table headers as: Name, Entry time, Department, Position, and Salary.

3. Then press Ctrl+S to save the document.

Tips: if the error message occurs, change the suffix of the table name to XLS.

5. Now we need to insert all Merge Fields into the document. Select the position where you need to insert Merge Field.

6. You can insert the Fields of Entry Time, Department, Position, and Salary following the same steps.

Then there are two ways to produce documents.

Merge to Different New Document.

1. Click Merge to Different New Document to pop up a dialog, where we can choose the name of the document at Use field name, set a document type at Save as type, and set the File Location.

Merge to New Document.

This is the method of generating documents in batches with the Merge Mail function. Did you get it?