Different ways to utilize column charts

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Different ways to utilize column charts

Different ways to utilize column charts

In this lesson, we've introduced three application sceneries for bar charts.

Clustered Bar is one of the most common charts in life, using bars of different heights to compare the data differences intuitively;

While Stacked Bar and 100% Stacked Bar are more suitable to show the proportion situation, which can display the data of each sub-category contained in a large category.

How to optimize charts?

1. Adding data label and trendline to make the data clear.

2. If you feel that the differences between the data in the chart are not significant, try to modify the starting point of the vertical coordinates.

3. If you want to set the size and spacing of the column, select the data series, right-click and select the Format Data Series. By adjusting the parameters of Series Overlap and Gap Width, you can achieve it.

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