Do you really know about the Logical functions?

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Do you really know about the Logical functions?

Do you really know about the Logical functions?

In this lesson, we‘ve learned the following key points:

The three functions IFANDOR are the most commonly used functions in our life.

• IF function: By only setting the logical value in advance, you can use the IF function to determine whether the data meet the conditions quickly, the truth value returns TRUE, and the falsity value returns FALSE.PS: You can also customize the contents of the return.

• AND function: When we need to quickly find the data matching the multiple conditions in the table, we can consider using AND function. Only if the data meet all the conditions set at the same time, the function returns TRUE, and whenever one of the conditions is not met, it will return FALSE.

• OR function: Contrary to  AND function, when using the OR function, the data will return True as long as one of the setting conditions is met, and the function will return FALSE only if all conditions are not met.

In practice, we often use the IF + AND + OR function in combination to achieve expected results.

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