Get started with functions and formulas

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Get started with functions and formulas

Get started with functions and formulas

In this lesson, we‘ve learned the following key points:

With excellent computing power, the function is one of the features of the WPS spreadsheet. Flexible use of functions can greatly improve the ability and efficiency of data processing and analysis.

1. How to insert function?

Click the Formulas> Insert Function, select the need function in the dialog box, and the rules of it will appear below.

If you have some function basis, you can also directly enter the cell =, then enter the function formula, and finally enter the Enter key.

Tips: Worry about too many function formulas and too complicated to remember? Enter the first letter of the function formula, and the system will automatically associate the relevant function formula.

2. There are three types of references which are Relative Reference, Absolute Reference, and Mixed Reference.

• Relative Reference: Relative reference: When we use the fill handle to push and drag the cell containing the function formula, the parameters of the formula will change according to the cell.

• Absolute Reference: When we press F4 to lock the referred area of function, such as $A$1, the dollar sign can be regarded as a small lock, and the reference area in the formula is completely locked. Even if we pull down the fill handle to fill the formula, the parameters of it won't change as the cells change.

• Mixed Reference: The Mixed Reference can select a locking row, such as A$1; Or it can lock a column, such as $A1.

Tips: Press F4 you can switch freely between different lock states.

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