Get to know WPS Spreadsheet

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Get to know WPS Spreadsheet

Get to know WPS Spreadsheet

In this lesson, we learned the following key points.

1. Learned the basic interface of WPS spreadsheet.

2.What is the difference between a workbook and a worksheet?

- In WPS spreadsheet, a workbook contains one or more worksheets. If we compare a workbook to a book, then a worksheet is a page inside.

3. What are the rows and columns of the table? How to properly adjust the row height and column width? 

- The mouse selects the target line, and manually adjustable between the line and the line of demarcation.

- Right-click the target row, select row height in the shortcut menu, you can enter specific values and units.

- Right-click to select the target row or column, in the shortcut menu kind of AutoFit row height or AutoFit column width, which will automatically adjust its row height column width according to the character content of the cell.

4. What is a cell? What is the cell area? How do we quickly locate the specified cell or cell area?

- The cell is the most basic element of the WPS spreadsheet. Each cell has its own address. The address of the cell depends on its row number and column letter, usually in the form of letters + numbers.

- More than one group of cells is called a cell region, for example, the cell region (A1: G10), which represents the entire continuous cell region from cell A1 (top left corner) to cell G10 (bottom right corner).

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