How much do you know about data format 2

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How much do you know about data format 2

How much do you know about data format 2

In this lesson, we‘ve learned the following key points.

1. How do you convert number and text format to each other?

In the WPS Spreadsheet, the number entered exceeds 11 digits will automatically convert into text.

Text format has the following three features: default left alignment; can't participate in the calculation; a green corner prompt will appear in the upper left corner of the cell.

The way to convert text format into number format is as follows:

Method 1: Select the text area, click on the green corner, click on the exclamation point and select Convert to Number.Such a way can always be successful.

Method 2: Select the text area, click the Home tab> Format, and select Convert Text to Number, so that you can also convert the text to number.

The way to convert number format to text format is as follows:

Select the number area, click the Date tab> Text to Column, check Delimiter to select the next step, and finally click Finish' to convert successfully.

2. How to set custom format?

A custom format consists of code. A complete code is divided into four intervals: a format applied to positive numbers; a format applied to negative numbers; a format applied to zero; and a format applied to text. A semicolon separates each interval.

The three symbols “#”, “0”, and “@” are placeholders of WPS Spreadsheets. Using the code placeholder+ format”, you can form thousands of custom formats.

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