How much do you know about data format

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How much do you know about data format

How much do you know about data format

In this lesson, we’ve learned the following key points.

1. How to set the data format?

Select the cell area, right-click the Set Cell Format whose shortcut key is Ctrl+1. In the dialog box, you can select a variety of data formats.

Commonly used format types are: Number, Currency, Accounting, Percentage, Fraction, Date, and Time.

2. How to enter the correct date and time formats?

The system recognizes three date formats: 11-11-202211/11/202211/11-2022,The correct data format can be converted into a number  or time format, and normal calculations can be carried out between dates.

Enter the number 1 in the cell, and press “Ctrl+1 to change it into the date format, which will be shown as 01/01/1900.Every additional number adds an additional day to the date. For example, the number 2 will be shown as 02/01/1900.

Like the date, time can also be converted into numbers. Its conversion formula is 1 hour = 1/24 of a day; 1 minute = 1/60 of an hour.

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