How to carry out simple calculations in a table

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How to carry out simple calculations in a table

How to carry out simple calculations in a table

Now let's summarize and review what we have learned in this lesson.

There are three kinds of simple calculations in the WPS Spreadsheet, namely mathematical operators, selective paste, and function calculation.

1. How to use mathematical operators?

like the computer, you just type = into the cell, enter the number and the operator, then hit the enter key so you can get the correct answer. For examplethe answer of = (7+3) /2 is 5.

2. How to use selective paste?

select the cell content, press Ctrl+C to copy it, and right-click to select the Paste Special in the shortcut menu. In the dialog box, you can select  Add, Multiply,' Subtract and perform quick calculations on selected areas.

3. How to use function calculation?

click the Formula> Insert Function to select different kinds of functions, such as SUM and IMSUB, which are similar to the addition and subtraction in the mathematical operation.

The function formula is very powerful, it can refer to data not only in the current worksheet but also across the worksheets and workbooks for calculation.

PS: If you need to calculate across worksheets, you can click the Date> Consolidate, add the data area you need to calculate while selecting the formula such as Sum, Average, and Max, etc., and click OK to calculate quickly across sheets.

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