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How to Combine Excel Files into One Sheet (The Easiest Way)

July 22, 2022

Combining excel files is the most useable feature for excel file users. When the amount of stored data increases it should be compiled in a single workbook. It becomes very difficult to manage various workbooks consisting of bulk of information. To solve this problem different, excel files are merged in a single file. It enables the users to access different data in one referred file rather than multiple files. Combing of multiple files in one workbook has provided a relief to excel users in organizing and analyzing the data.

The master workbook consisting of all sort of data of multiple files plays a vital role in providing an easy hand to the excel user. This article will help the readers to comprehend the skill of combining files in excel by following simple and easy steps mentioned in this article which are compatible for 2016/2019 versions.

How to combine excel files by using the method of copying

Manual copying is the most straightforward method in merging files in a single work book. It requires the copying of data of different files and then pasting them in the master spreadsheet which will represent the entire data of the files. It is a very accessible method but it can only be performed on small scale when a limited data is required to be transferred in a single work book.

This method works best with 2016/2019 versions.

  1. First, we will select the entire data of the worksheet we want to merge then we will copy the data by pressing Crtl +A.

  2. Then we will open the worksheet in which we will merge the selected data by simply pressing Crtl +V

  3. This will result in pasting of data in a single workbook.

How to combine excel file by using merge worksheets

The above-mentioned method is quite easy but it cannot be used to combine multiple worksheets in a single worksheet. Using merge worksheets is of prime importance in this regard. A number of files can be merged in a single worksheet by this method.

This method works best with 2016/2019 versions.

  1. First, we will select the files we want to combine then we will move all the selected files in one folder.

  2. Then we will go to data tab and select the option of merge sheets.

  3. After that we will select the option of merge multiple sheets in a single sheet and then we will get a combined data by entering the selected files and pressing the option of start merging

How to combine files by using pasting method

 This method is used for merging data present in cells.

It works best with 2016/2019 versions.

  1. First, we will open the file then we will select cells we want to copy.

  2. After that we will go to the mast file and select the cell in which we want to copy the data we will click right. Then we will click the option of paste special.

  3. The result we will pasting of copied data.

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