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How to combine text from two cells in Excel (3 Simplest Methods)

August 1, 2022

The method for merging text from two or more cells into one cell in Excel is described in this article. How to use an Excel formula to combine the text in several cells into one cell. How to use the ampersand symbol to combine text from two or more cells into one cell. using the TEXTJOIN function to merge the text

Using the & sign, combine text:

The ampersand (&) character can be used to merge text from many cells into a single cell. For instance, take these steps if you wish to merge texts from Range B1:B3 into Cell C1:

1.Select Cell C1, where you wish the combined text to go.

2.Enter the following formula in C1's formula box.


3.When you click enter, you will notice that C1 will be attached to the text content in B1:B3.

Note: If you need to include a space between the combined content, at that point you'll utilize &” ” & rather than & within the above formula.

And in case you need to add a comma to the combined content, fair sort &”,”& between the combined cells within the over formula. 

If you need to add Line break between the combined cells utilizing Ampersand administrator, you ought to combine with the CHAR work to urge the line break. Utilizing the taking after formula: 

 =B1 & CHAR(10) & B2 & CHAR(10) & B3

Using the CONCATENATE function, combine text:

Instead of using the ampersand operator, you may alternatively just use CONCATENATE function to combine the text from many cells into one cell. Simply follow the instructions below to merge the text from Cells B1 through B3 into Cell C1.1. Choose the cell where you wish to insert the merged text. (Choose Cell C1)2.Enter the formula below in Cell C1. =CONCATENATE (B1,B2,B3)Hit Enter to finish the equation.

Note: In case you need to include a space between the combined content strings, you'll be able include a space character (“ “) encased in citation marks. Rather like the underneath formula:


 If you need to include line break into the combined content string, you'll be able utilize the CHAR work inside the CONCATENATE work, utilize the underneath formula:


Using the TEXTJOIN function, combine text:

The new TEXTJOIN function, which is only available in EXCEL 2016, allows you to merge text from numerous cells if you're using Excel 2016. It has the ability to combine the text from several text strings, ranges, or both into a single string and to define a delimiter between the combined text strings. similar to the following formula


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