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How to convert numbers to text in Excel (4 Easiest Ways)

August 1, 2022

Sometimes you might choose to display leading zeros in cell numbers rather to have the numbers in the cells participate in calculations. You might have to convert a number into text in order to do that. Excel cells' contents can be converted to text using the following techniques.

In Excel, use the Format Cells option to change a number to text

Use the Format Cells option to swiftly convert the integer to a string.

Choose the numeric value range that you wish to render into text.

Select the Format Cells... option from the menu list by performing a right-click on them.

Tip: From the menu list, select the Format Cells... option. By hitting the short cut Ctrl + 1, you may open the Format Cells window.

Select Text from the Number tab's drop-down menu on the Format Cells box, then click OK.

After selecting Text, click OK.

The format will switch to text as soon as the alignment is changed to left. If you don't need to change how your numbers will be formatted, this option is an excellent choice.

convert the number to text with an apostrophe

Add an apostrophe before the number if there are just 2 or 3 cells in Excel that you wish to convert the numbers to strings from. This will convert the numerical format to text right away.

Simply double-click in the cell you want to add the apostrophe to and then type the number.

For the conversion of a number to a test, apostrophe

This cell now has a little triangle added to its corner. If you just need to modify 2 or 3 cells, this method is the fastest. However, it is not the greatest technique to convert numbers to text in mass.

Utilize the Text to Columns wizard in Excel to convert numbers to text

You might be shocked to learn how well the Excel Text to Columns option works when turning numbers into text. To observe how it functions, simply adhere to the procedures below.

Choose the column in Excel where you wish to translate integers to strings.

Click on the Text to Columns button under the Data tab.

Excel's Data tab should be selected, then click the Text to Columns button.

Simply click the first and second steps. Be careful to use the Text radio choice on the wizard's third step.

Excel's Data tab should be selected, then click the Text to Columns button.

To view your numbers immediately turn into text  , click Finish.

Number To Text Conversion Using Text Function

You may use the Text function to change the numbers in cells to text if you are familiar with Microsoft Excel's formulae.

Use the following formula to simply convert a number to text without formatting: =TEXT(D4,0);

Please insert the formula in cell E4,  =TEXT(A1,0).

Use this formula: =TEXT(A1,00000); to show the leading zero in integers, such as changing 203 to 00203.

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