How to display the obscured table text in WPS Writer

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How to display the obscured table text in WPS Writer

How to display the obscured table text in WPS Writer

When a table is inserted in a word document, the text in the table may not display completely. Do you know how to fix it?

Case 1: Table exceeds page size

When we copy the table in other platforms to insert it into the document, and the table exceeds the page width, the text on the right of the table will be incomplete.

In most cases, we can use the mouse to  slowlydrag the box line to adjust to the appropriate position, which is too troublesome.

Here is a practical trick helping you adjust the table size to the page with one click.

Click the cross arrow to select the entire table. Then go to the Table Tools tab, click the AutoFill drop-down button, and select AutoFit to Window. Now, the text in the table can display properly.


If we modify the page size of the file, the table will automatically adjust to the current page size.


To shut down the AutoFit to Window function, you can manually change the parameters of Width in the AutoFit region.

Case 2: the text at the bottom of table is covered

Take this file as an example. The text in the table displays incomplete because the row height of the table is set too small.

In this case, we can manually drag the box line with the mouse to adjust.

While there is also a shortcut:

Select the entire table and head to the Table Tools tab. Click Table Properties to pop up the dialog box, in which you can click the Row button. 

In the Size area, check Specify height, click the Row height is drop-down button, and then select At least. Click OK to uncover the obscured text at the bottom of the table.

What a simple and practical skill! Did you get it?