How to input data into a table efficiently

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How to input data into a table efficiently

How to input data into a table efficiently

In this lesson, we've learned the following key points.

1. How to use shortcut keys to improve the efficiency of table entry?

Ctrl+Arrow keys: to quickly jump to all sides of the table

Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys: to select data according to the Arrow keys

Ctrl+Home: to jump to cell A1

Ctrl+End: to locate the bottom right cell of the used data area

Enter the cell address in the name box in the upper left corner of the worksheet, you can quickly jump to the current cell.

2. How to become proficient in using the fill function of WPS tables.

When editing a table, you can use the fill function if you need to enter the same data or data with a fixed pattern.

Select the cell area, and click the Home” tab > “Fill,” where you can choose to fill to the left, fill to the right, fill up and fill down. If you need to fill the same content in the adjacent cells, just select the command as needed.

When you enter a number or date in the cell, place the mouse in the small right corner of the cell. As the mouse becomes a cross shape, drag down or double-click it; besides you can automatically trigger the fill function of WPS Spreadsheets, which we call Fill Handle.

How to fill 1-10,000 in 5 seconds?  Why not try the Fill>Series function? By setting itsstop value and step value, you can fill it instantly.

Ctrl+E Flash Fill is very powerful, it can learn by the rules you set and apply them to the selected blank cells.

3. How to make a drop-down list to improve entry efficiency?

Select the cell area, click the Date tab > Insert Drop-Down list, and you can manually enter the options in the pop-up dialog box. After setting, we only need to click the cell to select the desired content in the drop-down list.

4. How to use the OCR function to enter information quickly?

The OCR function can extract text information from pictures and support a high degree of restoration of the typesetting layout.

Click the Tool tab>Picture to Text, there you can open the local picture or take screenshots directly from the desktop area of your computer. Three types of conversion methods are provided in the system, including Convert to Plain Text, Convert to Word, and Convert to Table

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