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How to insert envelopes in WPS Writer

Uploaded time: February 17, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to insert envelopes in WPS Writer

How to insert envelopes in WPS Writer

Large enterprises will make envelopes with company addresses printed on them and mail documents to cooperative partners. If you are the HR of an enterprise, do you know how to make and print envelopes in WPS Writer?  

The steps are as follows:

1. Insert envelopes into the word document.

2. Click the Insert tab, and click the Envelopes button to pop up a dialog.

3. Input the corresponding address in the Delivery address and Return Address text boxes.

If we don't require the return letter, we can select Omit to omit the return address.

4. Then click the Add Document button to pop up a dialog and Yes to set the Return address we input as default.

Now a simple envelope is created.

Tips: If you want to cancel the default Return address, click Menu, click Options, and click User Information.Then delete the address in the Mailing address text box.When inserting an envelope again, you can see the default in the Return address has disappeared.

Having finished the envelope address, we need to set the standard size of an envelope.

1. Click the Option button to pop up a dialog.

2. In the Envelope Options tab, multiple Envelope sizes are provided for selection. For example, we set the Envelope size as B6 (125*176mm).

In general, you don't need to change the text position for the envelopes that meet international standard specifications since the text position automatically adapts to different envelope sizes.

In special cases, nevertheless, you can adjust it according to actual needs.

3. You can preview the effects in the Preview area and click OK to confirm the settings.

Next, we need to set the feed method for printing.

1. Click Options and click Printing Options.

2. In the Feed method area, we can choose from three ways of alignment, namely, left, center and right, and select Face up or Face down.

3. Before printing, remember to click Print and set the Scale to paper size at Zoom. It means to set the paper size to the envelope size, or the envelopes may be misprinted.

Now have you learned how to make and print envelopes?

If the envelopes are misprinted, try any of the following methods:

1. Refer to the print information (if available)about how to feed envelopes into the printer.

2. Update the printer driver.

3. Go back to the Envelopes Options and adjust settings in Printing Options until you succeed.

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