How to insert header and footer in Excel?

January 6, 2022
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To make a table normative, we can insert header and footer when printing.

The methods of header and footer are the same, so here we take header as an example. Here are the steps.

1. Open your Excel document, click Menu Print > Print Preview to enter the print preview mode.

How to insert header and footer in Excel1.gif  

2. Click Header and Footer on the toolbar to pop up a dialog.

3. We can select a built-in header from the drop-down menu. And check Different odd and even pages and Different first page according to actual needs.

How to insert header and footer in Excel2.gif 

4. If we need more, click Custom Header.

There are three boxes: Left section, Center section and Right section. We can input the needed information as needed.

There are also some preset buttons corresponding to certain information like Date, Time, Page Number, etc. We can input them with one click.

How to insert header and footer in Excel3.gif  

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