How to link WPS Writer and Spreadsheet together

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How to link WPS Writer and Spreadsheet together

How to link WPS Writer and Spreadsheet together

In today's lesson, we will learn how to use the Paste link function in reality.

In the workplace, we need to use Word to regularly report our work to the leader.

Taking this monthly report as an example, we will generally choose to count the data in Excel and thencopy and paste the data table into Word.

There are two advantages. First, when the data changes in WPS Spreadsheet, the data in Word changes accordingly.

That is to say,when we make monthly reports in the future, we only need to update the data directly in WPS Spreadsheet.

Second, the copy-pasted table is in the form of an image, which can be easily moved. When we double-click the image of the linked table, the Excel Spreadsheet will be opened directly.

When reporting, monthly data are often summarized in the text. You can use this function to paste statistical data in text form.

In this way, you can greatly improve efficiency when making working reports. Did you get it?

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