How to print a table

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How to print a table

How to print a table

This lesson summarized the printing problems often encountered in life and work.For printing settings on forms, you can click on the Page Layout tab, where almost all print-related settings buttons can be found.

1. How do we get the printer to print all the tables on one sheet of paper?

Click the Page Layout> Page Zoom> Fit sheet on one page, or you can also adjust the scale of pages to be printed depending on your needs.

2. How do we select the specific print area?

Click the Page Layout> Print Area, and select the table area that needs to be printed; Or select the table area that needn't be printed and hide it, so that it won't be printed.

3. When the table is very long, how can we set each page to have a header row?

Click the Page Layout> Print Titles and fix the position of row headings or column headings within the dialog box, so that they can repeatedly appear at the top/left.

4. How do we set the header and footer to make our file looks more professional?

Click the View> Page Layout to see the effect of printing intuitively.

Then double-click the position of the header or footer to enter the text, date, logo, or picture in the pop-up dialog box.

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