How to Process data with Text to Columns

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How to Process data with Text to Columns

How to Process data with Text to Columns

In this lesson, we've learned the rules for Smart Split Columns:

1. In dealing with table data, we often need to split the contents of the cell. There is a good function for it in WPS Spreadsheet, that is Smart split Columns.Select the needed area, click the Data> Text to columns> Smart Split Columns.Only taking 1 second, you can preview the result of the system's intelligent splitting in the pop-up dialog box.

Of course, you can manually select different splitting methods, such as Delimiter, Text Type, By keyword, and Fixed Width.

2. In addition to splitting, it can help you standardize data formats. For example, numerical dates can be converted into standardized formats, and number formats can be converted into text formats.

PS: Through the ampersand & and Ctrl + E (Flash fill), you can re-merge the split data.

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