How to quickly set the slide layout

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How to quickly set the slide layout

How to quickly set the slide layout

When making presentation slides, how can we quickly set the layout of slides?

Take these slides as an example. The overall layout is not aesthetically pleasing. Also, the placement of text and pictures is relatively random. Click the Home tab, and then click Layout.Here, WPS Office has provided us with a large variety of layout styles.

Just click Tow Content, then the layout of the slideshow will immediately become neat and beautiful. Next, we can adjust the size and position of each content box according to actual needs to quickly finish typesetting the slides.

To insert a blank slide page, we usually click the plus iconto add a slide, however, with text boxes and other elements.

At this time, we can select the slide, and select blank to delete all text boxes and default styles, so that we can customize freely. Now, the new slide pages inserted are blank by default.

What a practical function! Did you get it? This video of Slide layout could also be compatible with Microsoft Office powerpoint.