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How to remove text from a cell in Excel

February 13, 2023

In a work environment, you may have a need to remove some hidden text or sensitive information from a cell in Excel. You could use Find and Replace, but that can be time-consuming, especially if you have hundreds of cells with the exact text. Oftentimes, you might have a table or list of data in excel that you want to export as a CSV. However, you'll need to remove text that is contained within the cells before you can export your file.

Microsoft Excel is a widely used data analysis program. This guide will walk you through removing text from one of your cells, which can be helpful when you want to clean up data or convert it into a different format

Tips that are provided in this article are compatible with versions 2010/2013/2016.

How To Remove Text From a Cell in Excel without using formula?

The first way to remove text from the cell in Excel is straightforward and it includes manually selecting the text and then deleting it

1. For example, we have “Apple” in cell A1, and we want to remove it

2. Select the text and from the above bar, use CTRL+A

3. And then use backspace to remove it all

That is how we can remove text from a cell in excel without using the formula.

How To Remove Text From a Cell in Excel by using backspace only?

If you use MS Excel 2007 or later versions, you can press the Backspace key to remove the text in the cell. If you have a previous version of MS Excel, then refer to Method 1 given above.

Select the cell from which you want your text to be removed.

Use backspace, and that’s it.

You can see that there’s no text left.

That is how we can remove text from a cell in excel just by using backspace.

How To Remove Text From a Cell in Excel by using Replace?

The Replace option in Excel is a valuable tool for replacing text in a cell. It is similar to the Find and Replaces feature in Microsoft Word.

The Replace option can be used to replace the existing text with new data or remove the current data from a cell.

1. Select the range with the cells you want to apply this method.

2. Click Home > Find & Select > Replace tab > Replace box (Ctrl + H).

3. In the Find what box, type the word you want to replace and press Enter key on your keyboard (or click the Find Next button if you want to search for all occurrences of that word).

4. In the Replace with box, type the word or phrase you want to replace it with and click Replace All button to apply this method on all occurrences of that word in your selected range of cells.

5. click replace, and  it will automatically remove the text.

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