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Insert SVG image without loss of quality in WPS

May 11, 2022

Dear friend, you might be familiar with the following scenario: 

the inserted PNG image in the presentation seems clear, but it will get blurred after being enlarged.

High-resolution images are required if you want the presentation to be classic. 

The good news is that images in SVG format are now available in the new version of WPS Office !

· What is an SVG image?

As a type of graphic file, SVG's full name is Scalable Vector Graphics.  SVG to WPS Presentation is like icing on the cake. 

Here, you can achieve quick drag-and-drop, excellent resolution, smaller memory, and high compatibility.

· Why do we use SVG images?

1. Higher Resolution

Like other  pictures,  SVG images can be dragged and dropped in slides. You can also adjust their positions. What makes them different is that they can be enlarged without reducing the quality.

SVG defines the graphics in XML format. Users can zoom the image at will without destroying its clarity.

No picture, no truth. Let's zoom PNG and SVG format pictures at the same time to see how powerful the SVG format is.

2. Smaller Memory

SVG files are generally smaller than GIF and JPEG files. Inserting SVG files has numerous advantages. On the one hand, the downloading process is faster. On the other hand, it can regulate the overall size of the slide and smoothen the using and transferring process.

We can visually compare the size of the same image in SVG, PNG, and JPG formats. In this case, 

  • The SVG image is 15KB.

  • The JPG image is 258KB, 17 times larger than SVG.

  • The PNG image is 5117KB, 341 times larger than SV

3. Stronger Compatibility

SVG image files are as readable as HTML web pages and can be opened and modified by Notebook and other text editors. SVG is composed of codes, so you can change SVG's color, size, and other parameters by editing its codes.

SVG has many advantages. You can choose the appropriate image format according to your actual needs. Welcome to WPS Presentation to explore more advantages of SVG images!

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