The 7 most useful features of WPS, the seventh is highly recommended!

February 14, 2022

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Laptops, meeting materials, toiletries, clothes... The suitcase is full!! It is not easy to balance travel and work. The double overdraft of mental and physical strength makes the whole travel process more exhausting. If you feel like this, turn on your smartphone and try WPS Office!

Today, I will introduce seven powerful features of WPS Office! Familiar with these helpful features, you can easily upgrade from a beginner to office master!

1. WPS Cloud

If a file you want to use but it is in another device. At this time, you might as well open the WPS cloud file. The WPS Office can be regarded as a walking U disk! WPS Cloud can store all kinds of commonly used materials such as pictures, videos, presentation, excel, and word document. The storage format is 20GB! You can take it whenever you use it, which is to put your office in the cloud!

2. PDF Tools

The PDF format is widespread in our daily work, but what should I do to edit a PDF file without a computer? Don't worry, open your WPS Office in your smartphone and try the PDF Tools! If you upgrade PDF Premium, you can quickly achieve PDF to DOC, PDF Edit, PDF Add Text and many other PDF features! You can also sign and save in the PDF file!

3. Processing complicated and lengthy data

At the end of each month, the financial staff have to calculate many data, such as tax number, ID, bank card number, etc. They have to expand the cells.

The WPS Spreadsheet intelligently processes the entered long data, ensuring the comprehensive data's integrity and making the data intuitive and straightforward. WPS Office simplifies the operation steps and is deeply loved by financial personnel.

4. Online Template

No planning effort, no designer assistance, annoying! When you are faced with how to mix graphics, text, pictures and other objects, highlight the key points: what styles should be used for the diagrams, so as not to be boring; how to design the transition pages to link the previous and the next ......

All these worries are easy to get the WPS online Template. Just one click makes your slideshow more looking and more professional.

5. Take photos and scan it.

When you are reading and learning, you can open the WPS Office to take a picture and scan the entire page. It means that when you encounter some keywords and beautiful fragments, scan it! It would be generated to a PDF file, and you can convenient for review in the future.

If you are always reading the e-book, convert the information and e-books downloaded into PDF format that is a suitable method for reading on your every device.

6. Record your presentation

Don't be nervous when you are participating in a campus campaign or competing for an internship position for the first time. Open WPS Office to help you get it done! [PPT Recorder] can record the playback process of the PPT itself and the gestures of turning pages, the speaker's voice, and even all the screen can be recorded and generated to an MP4!

Suppose you are not satisfied with the video's recorded part. In that case, you can rewind and re-record to locate the flawed place and record again to ensure nothing is lost!

7. Text tools

The nemesis of messy documents, WPS Text Tools can help a beginner who can't typeset! When you collect and organise information, you need to copy a large amount of text from the web page and paste them of different sizes and layouts into WPS.

Typeset is so complicated!

However, click [Home - Text Tools - Smart Rearrange] allows you to quickly format the document's content in a standardised format, which is time-saving and straightforward! A must-have for beginners, very popular and efficiently!

Try WPS office to help you quickly improve office efficiency!

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