The best free company profile templates for Word

August 22, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Nothing is superior to a business than a company profile template. A company profile is primarily a document that provides an overview of an organization to communicate with  clients. This single page provides all the information about the business.  The best thing is that company profile templates for Word are free and available on the WPS website to enhance your business.

Here is the list of the best free company profile templates for Word.

Blue Modern Company Profile

This company profile template for Word comprises all the information about the company. Clients can easily get access through this brochure. You can utilize it’s premium feature at the WPS website.

Blue Earth Business company profile template

The Blue Earth business template gives you a unique look due to its blue shade. It has multiple pages to add a company’s data. You can get access to this business company profile template by buying it.

Trifold brochure for company introduction:

Trifold brochures can be used to impress clients due to their folding nature. This company profile template Word has an outstanding layout with refreshing colors. It gives you a modern look for your business profile. You can also print it for the introduction of a company.

Modern Yellow company profile

This yellow-colored company profile template is simple but has an eye-catchy design. This template gives you a unique look. This company profile template word has enough space to write everything about them.

Professional company profile:

This company profile template is best for business due to its minimal design. It gives you a decent look, which is very good for upscale business. By using this template, you can impress your employer.

Red Company Profile Template for word:

The red company profile template is designed in an exceptional way with red and black background colors. If you want to upgrade your business in a decent way, then this red-shaded calendar is the best.

Black and red stripe Business Company profile

If you want to give a beautiful touch to your profile, this black-and-red striped template is the best. This template is easy to customize. You can easily download this company profile template  from the WPS website.

Geometric company profile template:

This company profile business template is designed with geometric boxes at the corners. A Geometric company profile is best for creating a high-quality flyer. It is easily downloadable.

Practical company profile template:

Practical company profile templates are available in unique designs. It gives you a professional look. If you want, you can personalize your company profile template for Word according to your company’s needs.

Company Business flyer template:

A professional company flyer is the best template to create a sophisticated profile for the company. This is a stylish template, with more space to write text. To enhance the style, you can add pictures to the company profile template.


It is clear that profile templates are easily available on the WPS website. Company profile sample can be used in word or pdf.  These are easily downloadable and free to use.

Don’t you believe these company profile templates will upgrade your business?

Download any template now and make a good deal for your business.