The Go to and Find & Replace function of data

Uploaded time: August 17, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

The Go to and Find & Replace function of data

The Go to and Find & Replace function of data

In this lesson, we've learned two types of search methods, one is Go To, and the other is Find. Both of them aim to find the cell we want but differ in their search mechanisms.  

1. What is Go To

Go To is to use attributes of cell itself to locate the cell, such as Constants, Formulas, Null values, etc.

Select the cell area and click Home> Find and Replace> Go To, you can select different attributes in the pop-up dialog box. For example, if you want to locate blank cells, click Blanks>Go To so that all the blank cells are selected.

2. What is Find?

Find is to set the keywords and cell format to search the cell. Select the cell area, click Home> Find and Replace> Find, enter the keyword in the pop-up dialog box then click Find All.

Having found the data, the function Replace can also be used to make bulk changes.

Check the Match case and Match entire cell contents in Options, you can make your keyword searching more accurate; besides, you can use the wildcard * and ? to conduct ambiguous searches. 

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