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The most fabulous 10 Excel rental property templates for 2022

April 27, 2023

Excel and all of its hidden capabilities enable staying organized. The Excel rental property templates are one of the most useful. Every landlord needs rental property templates in Excel to monitor and maintain the quality of their documents. It makes it easier for landlords to track when each tenant's rent is due and when it has been paid. The nice part about this Excel rental property template is that it can be customized to your preferences and is available in various formats. The most fabulous 10 Excel rental property spreadsheets presented below contain templates that are simple to alter to meet the needs of your property.

1.Excel Format Rent roll Agreement Template 

Whether renting property or making your own available for rental, this template will be beneficial. Excel's rental property template is currently the best spreadsheet for use online.

2.Excel Green Rental Agreement Template

A green rental agreement is a contract that includes provisions requiring both the owner and the tenant to take particular actions to ensure the property is operated or occupied sustainably. The green rental property template in excel is now free to download.

3.Excel Orange Lease Agreement Template

A written agreement between a landlord and tenant for the rental of property in exchange for a set monthly rent is known as an orange lease agreement. This excel rental property template is made with lively orange color to attract you more.


4.Excel Receipt of House Rent Template

Using a rental property template, a tenant can demonstrate that their monthly rent has been paid. Renters typically pay their landlords in cash. The receipt should be signed only when the money has been handed to the landlord.

5.Excel green lease management system template

An agreement known as a green lease includes provisions that require both the owner and the tenant to fulfill certain duties and obligations. This is the best rental property template here.

6.Excel Vehicle Rent Quotation Form Template

It is a perfect Excel rental property template for vehicles; a vehicle quote assists customers in selecting the right dealership when purchasing a car.

7.Excel Mutual Rescission and Release Agreement Template

A mutual rescission and release agreement cancels the contract and exempts both parties from its duties, allowing them to carry on with their regular commercial operations. Also, it perfectly serves as a rental property template for excel.

8.Fresh Rental Pink Billing Invoice Template

The fresh rental billing invoice template is created in a lively pinkish color. This rental property template is easy to download.

9.Property Service Payroll Template

This rental property template is used for Property Service Payroll purposes. This spreadsheet is free to download and online available also.

10.Investment Property Balance Sheet Template

The balance sheet for property investment is created using this rental property template. This spreadsheet is freely downloadable and accessible online as well.

Download the most fabulous 10 excel rental property Templates from the WPS office for Free Today! 

If you want to advance your projects, these rental property templates in Excel are incredible for the work section. The rental property template is a flexible document that landlords, property managers, real estate speculators, and buyers and sellers may all utilize. The fact that alternatives like the online use of rental property templates are also available is the greatest.

Several templates are accessible online, but if none appeals to you, you may visit WPS Office, a website with millions of alternatives. You can free download any template from the WPS office. So, Download your favorite template right now!

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