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Top 10 best excel templates of Gantt Charts free download 2022

April 27, 2023

Excel provides numerous kinds of services and formulas by which employees of any firm and company complete their tasks easily and without any hassle because excel has every feature which a company needs to perform and take benefit from it also. Gantt chart excel templates are free to download.

Moreover, excel has different templates which provide for multiple uses like in many industries and sectors to record and maintain inventory, schedule, meetings, and a lot more. Excel have also Gantt chart templates with different designs and postures to record and analyze the production and relationships between activities.

1) Gantt Timeline Template.

This is a simple form of the Gantt template which is showing the number of months at the end of the chart. This template is used to illustrate different schedules differently in the above example activities are recorded on monthly basis like marketing, partner development, and much more.

2) Planning Gantt Template.

This planning project includes duration, task name, and activities that the company likes to perform every month wise.

3) Creative Gantt Chart Template.

This is a Gantt chart which is a little bit creative to understand in it every activity of a company is described in a month wise and section wise. Arrows are showing multiple tasks for a company to perform according to the planning chart.

4) Yearly Sales Growth Gantt Chart.

This is the sales growth Gantt template of excel which shows the growth rate of the company’s sales year-wise. In this template, we can easily compare the sales for two or more years.

5) Simple Gantt Chart Timeline.

This is also a form of a simple Gantt chart in which employees or managers of a company can easily illustrate activities and make a complete work plan. This template shows movie-making Gantt and illustrates every step-by-step work.

6) Hourly Gantt Chart.

This is a hourly Gantt chart template and it is showing illustration in hours. This template basically use by drilling companies because sometime they like to work on that soil or place where cut-off, threading and boring tests can be perform in hours base. This template also showing testing hours.

7) Monthly Gantt Chart Template.

This is a monthly Gantt chart template in which company can assume and demonstrate their tasks in month section, like the task one covered 27 days of march to perform, by this company heads manages their time frame easily to cover work regularly.

8) Construction Gantt Schedule Template.

This is a template of construction Gantt schedule in which builder can easily demonstrate their tasks to build in a very organize way. This include plan start and plan end in which they working according the planning dates.

9) Sales Activity Gantt Template.

Sales activity Gantt template shows company about their sales of numerous products. This template helps to find out the sales of a company. If sales is lacking of some products the bar shows in percentage and it is easy to evaluate the scenario of sales of each products.

10) Project Gantt Chart Template.

This is a template of project Gantt, in which companies manage their project planning properly with different tasks and their time period. This excel template is very useful in corporate sectors who likes to work on different projects.

These all are the best 10 templates of Gantt charts and they all are useful in companies to illustrate their projects. Modern Gantt charts help companies to monitor current schedule status.

You can download any of these templates from the WPS template store and start using them today. And if you are looking for more templates and tools, check out our other templates. Download WPS Office for further experience.

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.