Top 10 Best Resignation Letter Word Templates in WPS office

August 4, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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WPS Office provides you with different templates for different professional and personal uses. One of the important templates you can use is the Resignation Letter Word Template. It is available in WPS Writer. After opening the app you click on the right side and several templates are open for your use. You can choose one of them according to your requirements. WPS Office also provides you with the facility to edit and format different Resignation Letter Word Templates online from the website. You can download the app from the app store. This article will help you to get at several Resignation Letter Word Templates for different situations and different companies.

Here is the sample resignation letter word template available at WPS Office. The following template is for a chemist. You can simply edit it online from the website or download the app and use it as your resignation letter. It includes moral and clear text. It certainly shows your subject and reason to resign.

1.Resignation Application Form

Resignation Application Form is another Resignation Letter Word Template available at WPS Office. It consists of Department, Name, Job Title, Occupation, Date of entry and other essentials. There's space available for the description that covers the reason for resignation. You can briefly describe the motives behind your resignation. It will make you look more clear and concise about your thoughts. Your owner will be grateful for showing such nice behaviour. It is a professional resignation letter template.


2.Red Color Resignation Form

Another resignation letter word template available on WPS Office is the Red Color Resignation Form. This template includes all necessary information about the employee like department, name, job title, attendance record etc. It also has a column for remarks from department heads. If you use this form as your resignation letter, it may also work as your experience letter.

3.Resignation Application

Another resignation letter word template available at WPS Office is the Resignation Application. In this template, you have an already written letter that describes the name, job detail and reason to resign. The format of this resignation letter word template is courteous yet clear. You can easily use it as your resignation letter with a few alterations.

4.Warm Color Resignation Letter

Resigning from a company is a tough decision. There are several motives behind it. People become courteous and try to end on good terms. A warm colour resignation letter word template is best for this. WPS Office is one of the best websites/

application to choose from. It's a warm colour template that is generous and thoughtful. The text is simple yet highly professional. It wisely describes your subject and delivers it to your owner. It is available in peach and light orange colours. You can edit it online or download it from the website.

5.Employee Resignation Application Form

Another resignation letter application form is available at WPS Office. It includes name, position, hires time, the reason for leaving and leaving date. It is a very detailed application form for resignation. The reason for leaving has a huge column so that employee has the opportunity to concisely explain their motive for leaving the company.

6.Resignation Certificate

Another resignation letter template is available at WPS Office. It is specifically for labour. All columns available in the

template consists of all details related to labour hiring and leaving date. The resignation certificate has two parts. One is from an employee and the other is from the employer. Both the parties have the right to present and accept the resignation.

7.Employee Resignation Schedule As On

Another resignation letter word template contains complete detail about an employee. Like designation, department, period of service years, date of resignation and acceptance. It can be usually utilized for the assistance of employers. An employer can prepare his record of the employees who have resigned. The service years, department and other details are also helpful for the employer.

8.Employee Resignation Form

At #9, there is an employee resignation form available in a warm colour. It is available in greenish colour. The form looks professional and courteous. The employee  registration form template has all the necessary columns. It'll be helpful for the employee to utilize it as his resignation letter to fill in important items.

9.Resignation Certificate

The resignation certificate available at #10 is an acknowledgement from the employee to the owner. The employee will inform the owner about his resignation. As the template is available on the website. You can simply edit it and use it for your concern. The best thing about this resignation template is it's

brief information about the resignation. It can be easily used as a resignation after essential edits.

The article describes about the top 10 bets resignation letter templates available at WPS office for your requirements. These templates are clear, easy and subjective. You can simply download and edit them.  In addition to the above operations, you can also use a simpler way of operation, download WPS Office, to get a more relaxed and enjoyable office experience.