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Top 10 excel templates of event planning free download 2022

August 29, 2022

Excel is updating its features day by day and developing many more types of features and functions, which helps employees and companies to work faster and smarter without any hassle. Excel provides different types of free event planning templates also like expense, budget, time, business, and many more types templates. Which supports people to record their schedules and routine work. There are also many templates by which students can get support also in their learning and making weekly class schedules.

Excel also offers free event planning templates excel in which typical ready-made tasks are recorded. Event planning organizes the project inputs and output in a very systematic manner.

1) Event Planning Timing Template.

This is an event planning template in which employees and heads of the company define the structure and model of a project. This is very helpful for organizations to manage and pre-determine the module of their project. With this template, businessman assume their project module duration and estimation.

2) Fresh Project planning timeline Template.

This is fresh project planning timeline template in which company and business transcript their time frame of the project length. This template includes the project time period, their tasks, and data for each month planned.

3) Fitness Plan Timeline.

This is a fitness plan timeline template in which all the activity’s time periods will measure and organize according to their time frame and days. This type of template is basically used by nutritionists, trainers, and physicians who perform sports activities to remain healthy and fit.

4) Event Planning for Sales Template.

This is a template of event planning for sales, in which a company plans its sales for a week or month. With this template, a company can organize their sales very easily and in a very regular manner. These excel templates are basically used by sales and marketing companies.

5) Cartoon Event Planning Template.

This is also a form of cartoon event planning template in which we can plan any event regarding meetings, any sports activity, children day, and any other event. This template is showing a football match event which means it is also meaning of invitation.

6) Album Event Planning.

This is an album event planning template in which photographers and videographer style their album with the planning and according their attractive imaginaries. They style their albums with the time period and structure of the event. These templates are used in production houses and in media industry.

7) Educational Company Salary Planning Template.

This is an educational company salary planning template in which institute make some plans regarding their salary range schedule. This template help institute to hire teacher and professor on the basis of their experience and the range planned salary ranges. These templates are mainly use in educational institutes like school, college, and universities.

8) Project Process Time planning.

This is a template of time planning project process. This template helps company to manage the tasks and their management of their time frame like which tasks to do in which time and in which sections. This template includes communication type, delivery method, description, frequency (means time period) and process report.

9) Business Career Planning Template.

This is a business career planning template in which the heads and CEO of company plan their future strategies regarding company’s growth and stability. In career planning company defines their future plans and objectives to and their game plans to achieve goals.

10) Business Project Planning Template.

This is also a type of event planning template in which the event is project of a company. Where company plans their strategies, manage project details and their project codes, and start to end progress with time period.

These all are the best 10 free Event planning templatesexcel in which company and employee both arrange their projects details and manage aby event very easily without any hassle.

You can download any of these templates from the WPS template store and start using them today. And if you are looking for more templates and tools, check out our other templates. Download WPS Office is a smart move for people.

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