Top 10 simple family tree template Excel free download

June 15, 2022

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The family legacy is something extraordinary, so it is common for family trees to be created and, in this way, to learn more about past generations. A family tree template in excel is a good opportunity to carry out this project without too many worries.


Excel is a fantastic tool with the inclusion of an Excel family tree template download because there are hundreds of layouts that can perfectly suit your needs. Discover 10 of the best templates currently available for Excel, which are ideal for children and adults.


1.Five-Generation Family Tree Excel Template

This Excel family tree template is pretty basic, but it can span up to five generations without a problem. It is a family tree template excel free that is structured in boxes and lines, but it has enough space to place the data that you think is convenient.


a simple family tree template


2.Three-Generation Family Tree Excel Template

With this Excel family tree template, you can create your family tree in a matter of seconds as it is set up automatically. All you have to do is enter the data of up to three generations, and when you finish, click on the Create family tree button, which is a simple family tree template.


Three-Generation Family Tree Excel Template


3.Six-Generation Family Tree Excel Template

Perfect and practical to cover up to six generations, this Excel family tree template has a novel structure that allows you to place names, dates, and even photographs. This family tree template excel 12 month doesn't waste space, so it's ideal for printing.


Six-Generation Family Tree Excel Template


4.Genealogy Family Tree Excel Template

With a fresh design in shades of green, this Excel family tree template allows for the inclusion of multiple generations without looking cluttered. It is an ideal family tree template excel yearly and personal projects.



5.Simple Family Tree Excel Template

Similar to the previous one, this is an family tree template Excel in shades of green but much simpler. With it, you can easily edit the content and get a fantastic result in minutes.



6.Four Generation Family Tree Excel Template

Green is a spectacular color for an Excel family tree template; with this option, you can have a comfortable and functional design. With space for your name and photos, it's a perfect family tree template excel hourly for homework.



7.Blank Family Tree Excel Template

The beautiful family tree template excel in a chart format that is easy to edit and quite spacious. You can include photos and personalize them at your convenience.



8.Modern Family Tree Excel Template

Get a simple yet modern design with this easy-to-edit family tree Excel template. All you have to do is place the names, and that would be everything, its variety of colors makes a difference, and you can use the family tree template excel 6 month.


Modern Family Tree Excel Template


9.Sample Family Tree Excel Template

There's nothing wrong with the basics, and this Excel family tree template proves it. With this family tree template excel 12 months, you can perfectly organize your family legacy from distant generations.



10.Third Generation Family Tree Excel Template

The beauty of this Excel family tree template is evident, with a layered design that allows up to three generations to be included along with important data. Perfect as a fully editable family tree template excel weekly.



Family trees are an interesting project, no matter how old you are. Having an Excel family tree template can mean you don't have to waste time putting together the structure from scratch.


It is amazing how you can get a simple family tree template excel free download so easily in different portals, but if you cannot find your ideal template, downloading WPS Office is your best alternative since there you will find many options to choose from.