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Top 10 gap analysis excel templates

August 29, 2022

Any type of organisational performance benefits from a gap analysis, also known as a requirements analysis. It enables businesses to assess their current position and desired future state. Free Gap analysis template excel sheet is very necessary for a business to manage its accounts.Some of the gap analysis template excel are listed below.

Break even analysis:

The financial predictions in the business plan for a new company must include a break-even study. Financing providers will want to know when you anticipate breaking even so they can determine when your company will start to turn a profit. On WPS, you can find a template for a break-even analysis.

Annual sales performance analysis report:

You may assess the sales activity of your sales team using the ready-to-use WPS template known as the Annual Sales Performance analysis Template. A monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual evaluation is an option.

Annual analysis and summary report of sales data:

A company's success is highlighted in an end-of-year report, which may also aid in strategic planning. You may get the best annual report templates in WPS for free from this page, along with a summary of the year's overall performance.

Quarterly budget expenditure statistics:

A WPS-based document that details the planning or estimation of spending for three months is a quarterly budget expenditure statistics template. The template will also show statistics in the form of a pie chart.

Product sales calculation form:

Through these sales quantities, any corporation must continuously audit and balance all of its business dealings.

The organisation therefore creates a number of necessary reports, such as Daily Sales Reports, Budgeted Reports, Sales Activity Reports, etc. For the Chairman, Directors, Shareholders, and Stockholders, they play a crucial role in helping them foresee and prepare their future choices. You may keep track of your product's monthly sales with the aid of a summary analysis of those sales.

Financial salary distribution data analysis:

An employee pay sheet is a document that makes it easy to process the wages of several employees quickly while also keeping track of the salaries paid to staff members of a certain department.

Marketing promotion plan budget:

The total amount of money a company plans to spend on marketing-related projects over the course of the quarter or year is detailed in the marketing promotion plan budget. Budgets for marketing can cover costs for marketing automation software, new marketing hires, sponsored online content, paid advertising, and additional marketing staff.

Company financial expenditure analysis chart:

Utilize this company budget template to compare real business spending to your annual budget plan. It has graphs and charts that show your monthly deviations. Excel business budget templates calculate your line items, simplifying and speeding up financial management.

Analysis of sales differences:

Sales comparison is important for a company since it regulates future predictions and improves production. Most organisations concentrate on delivering items and gaining income without looking at their previous sales, which might prove damaging in the long run. Comparison of sales is essential for a successful firm.

Income statement vertical analysis:

Vertical analysis refers to the analysis of an income statement in which each line item is represented as a percentage of sales inside the income statement. As a result, it aids in performance analysis by indicating if there is an upward or decreasing trend.

You can more effectively plan for where your firm is now and where you want it to be by conducting a gap analysis. Beyond assisting you in determining whether to expand.

We hope that you have liked the gap analysis template excel. Many gap analysis templates are available in WPS, and if you can't find the one you're looking for there, you can find more there.Download WPS Office now and get a pleasurable working experience for your business.

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